gCOTI is currently available on Uniswap V2, a leading decentralized exchange (DEX) that operates on the Ethereum blockchain. The gCOTI token had been successfully implemented on the COTI’s Bridge prior to this operation. Users will be granted the opportunity to contribute their portion of liquidity to the $gCOTI/$COTI (ERC-20) pool.

They receive liquidity provider fees. In accordance with the extent to which each liquidity supplier contributes to liquidity reserves, a 0.3% swapping charge is assessed and distributed among them. Users will be able to effortlessly exchange and purchase tokens with the assistance of Uniswap. In the near future, they intend to introduce an airdrop scheme to encourage $COTI/$gCOTI liquidity suppliers. 

COTI is a DAG-oriented Layer 1 designed specifically for enterprises. The COTI protocol includes characteristics such as upgradability, in addition to being efficient, private, and comprehensive. In addition to the aforementioned, cost efficacy is also optimized for financial objectives.

One of the primary functions of gCOTI, the governance token of COTI, is to increase the APY on COTI deposited in the Treasury. This in turn will help users make deposits of gCOTI in the Treasury. The APY feature can be used on each $COTI deposit in the Treasury. 

The operation of APY is such that gCOTI contributes an additional 800% to the Treasury Base APY when the deposit is executed in the treasury, in a ratio of 1:1. Users will be unable to deposit additional gCOTI into the Treasury beyond what they have already deposited. Users will be allowed to influence the APY associated with any Treasury deposit, regardless of the lock-in period, multipliers, or participation in the gCOTI Airdrop Program.

The deposited gCOTI never gets locked. Individuals are granted the opportunity to remove their gCOTI at any time. The user has the option to withdraw a specified quantity of gCOTI from a deposit that an optimized APY is powering. Consequently, an equivalent quantity of gCOTI will be extracted.

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