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Yuri Molchan

Account of SHIB VIP Social Network creators has had all their Shiba Inu tokens stolen by scam wallet


Twitter account @theshibdream has tweeted a complaint and a warning that it has fallen for a recently emerged scam account impersonating Shytoshi Kusama and lost all their SHIB tokens. Last year, the people behind this account launched a SHIB VIP Social Network.

All SHIB tokens stolen by Shibarium scam wallet

The aforementioned Twitter handle said that it had made a mistake by connecting its wallet to what proved to be a scam Shibarium website shared on the fake account impersonating Shytoshi Kusama, the leader of the SHIB developers and of the SHIB army.

@theshibdream referred to a tweet posted by the fake Shytoshi account, which advised users to link their wallets “for private access to our Beta launch.” Soon after that, all SHIB from the wallet of @theshibdream were gone. The user warned the SHIB community to always check links very carefully before connecting their wallets through them.

As reported earlier today, Shytoshi had responded to a tweet posted by another SHIB army member, who also warned the community of this crypto scam. The name of the scam account resembles the real one of Shytoshi with just a one-letter difference.

Kusama said that in order not to fall for such a scam, SHIB holders should always see if the blue verification check is there. Besides, the number of people who follow the real Shytoshi Kusama is over 901,000, while the scam account has merely 13,700 subscribers.

SHIB regains most-traded-token position

Data shared by WhaleStats platform that tracks the largest wallets on several leading blockchains shows that Shiba Inu has reached two major milestones. The second biggest meme coin on the market now holds the position of the most-traded token and that of the largest crypto holding in USD equivalent.

Currently, the 100 largest SHIB whales on the Ethereum chain are holding $601,204,724 in Shiba Inu equivalent. This constitutes 11.94% of their combined portfolio.

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