Per the recent announcement by Chiliz, the layer-1 blockchain has selected Ankr to become its main RPC Provider. Meaning, Ankr will be responsible for bridging blockchain applications to the actual blockchain. Blockchain applications include decentralized applications, crypto wallets, and centralized exchanges, among others.

Ankr and Chiliz bring advantages to the table. For instance, Ankr will help facilitate access to the community, which is fast and reliable. It will be specifically for the sports segment and will happen between blockchain applications & Chiliz.

Chiliz, on the other hand, will foster innovation by bringing together a bunch of brands and teams on the network. The objective is driven by Chiliz Labs, an accelerator and incubator for blockchain projects that are operational in sports & are in the early stage of their functioning.

Moving forward, Chiliz plans on unveiling projects like digital collectibles, Web3 games, NFT ticketing initiatives, and AI platforms, to mention a few.

Moreover, Chiliz is planning to host a Chiliz Chain hackathon tournament with the purpose of inspiring developers to interact with the community more. The tournament will be held across four major stadiums and sports arenas across the world. Details for the same are expected to be dropped by Chiliz in the coming months.

Circling back to the partnership between Ankr and Chiliz, both originally joined hands in February 2022 with a different agenda but on similar lines. The goal was to lead the chain development by becoming a node operator to run two nodes in particular. The first node was said to be the official one, and the second node was acting as a spare candidate.

The current partnership between the two further builds on that announcement to bring their teams closer and work more in the direction of leading the chain development.

Ankr, with this partnership, joins the list that already has Paribu, Jump Crypto, and Meria (earlier Just Mining). In other words, these are the first four validators on the Chiliz Chain. They are tasked to explore different ways of bringing communities and fans on the same page where teams and brands are present.

Chandler Song, the Chief Executive Officer of Ankr, has assured that developers will be able to create sports applications of the next generation to offer unique features and benefits of digital assets & blockchain. Chandler has expressed excitement about continuing to collaborate with Chiliz.

Excited indeed since there is positivity for the native token, which has seen a rise of 1.39% in the last seven days. ANKR is priced at $0.025 at the time of drafting this article. Ankr forecast estimates that the token may end 2023 on a higher note at $0.095.

Alexandre Dreyfus, the Chief Executive of Chiliz, has noted their pride in further deepening the partnership with Ankr, saying that it is a part of the commitment to taking care of the basic aspects of the operations of Chiliz Chain.

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