AQUA, which happens to be a player-oriented Web3 marketplace, has honed in on Polygon Labs for the forming of a mutually beneficial partnership. The aim and intention behind this are to be able to provide the opportunity for players, as well as gaming projects, to be able to extract the maximum amount of benefit pertaining to Web3. 

In the recent past, AQUA happened to have made a declaration of its Embedded Marketplace solution that provides the opportunity to players to be able to carry out transactions related to secondary NFT sales within a game’s client or in the case of a hub.

This caught the attention of games such as Dark Throne, Million on Mars, and Mojo Melee. From this month onwards, games belonging to the Polygon ecosystem will also be in the position of being able to get the backing of the AQUA.XYZ marketplace. The target is to be able to make an addition of a further 15 titles by the end of the year. 

According to the Head of Global Business Development at Polygon Labs, Urvit Goel, the forming of lucrative associations with like-minded enterprises happens to be an important part of their overall business strategy. This helps them to reach the next level of online gaming. 

Therefore, there happens to be no element of surprise in the fact that they are honing in on AQUA to form a mutually beneficial alliance. As far as the CEO of AQUA, Sean Ryan, is concerned, the partnership was formed with the aim and view of lessening the troubled areas of developers of games and getting better connected to Web3. They also intend to help developers get more out of NFT-based game assets, as well as make improvements on monetization with marketplaces. 

Various big-time blockchain gaming projects, along with publishers, happen to be presently creating on the Polygon network. This includes names such as Ubisoft, Atari, Animoca, as well as Decentraland, and Somnium Space, along with The Sandbox. 

The Polygon ecosystem happens to be possessing more than 220 million unique user addresses, along with having hordes of decentralized apps and prime global organizations, such as Robinhood, along with Stripe and Adobe in their fold. 

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