InQubeta (QUBE) multi-level pre-sale campaign gains new supporters in October

As Bitcoin (BTC) Soars, Mantle (MNT), Kava (KAVA), and InQubeta (QUBE) Gain Traction


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The cryptocurrency market has outdone itself over the past few months and has won over people from across the globe with its potential. What has aided its phenomenal growth is new altcoins like InQubeta (QUBE) that introduce the alternatives for the utility of many established names. 


InQubeta is powered by Ethereum and helps startups in the artificial intelligence (AI) industry access funding and connects them with investors. Its innovative use case isn’t the only reason why people are talking about InQubeta. Such is its massive popularity that its cryptocurrency ICO has already collected more than $3.8 million in the presale stage. 

The other tokens that have been gaining traction over the past few months include Mantle and Kava. 

InQubeta: Making a mark with presale growth

Armed with a collection of utility-focused features, InQubeta balances the needs of investors and startups to ensure that both of them end up seeing growth. For startups, InQubeta is a one-stop shop for all things DeFi, whereas, for investors, it helps them outperform competitors by investing in future-forward projects. 

InQubeta has launched a native cryptocurrency called the QUBE token which makes transactions seamless. The token takes care of internal inflation with its deflationary model and ensures a democratized decision-making process by granting voting privileges to its holders. 

The total supply of QUBE is 1.5 billion and a large part of it will be set aside for public sale. The token offers its holders the chance to add to their crypto rewards by staking the assets and becoming validators. As stakers turn validators, they authenticate all transactions processed on the network and earn cryptocurrencies for their services. 

For startups who want to connect with investors on InQubeta, the first thing to get in order is a reward-based NFT. They have to decide on what they can offer the investor for funding their AI project. The offer is tokenized and the NFT is posted on InQubeta’s marketplace. 

Investors can compare and buy the NFTs and consequently invest in a startup project. These NFTs also come with a fractionalization option. 

Mantle Network teams up with TON Foundation

The Mantle Network is one of the easiest tools available for scaling Ethereum-based dApps. The Layer 2 protocol sports a modular architecture that splits different tasks like transaction finality, data availability, and executing transactions across modules. 

The platform’s native cryptocurrency is MNT which is used for governance, promoting the network’s growth, and payment of gas fees. 

The platform strives to ramp up its outreach with new partnerships and initiatives. It recently joined hands with the TON Foundation for a partnership. Under the agreement, the Mantle network will help make TON a more interoperable network. A wrapped version of the MNT token will pave the way for hassle-free integration and interaction between the two platforms. 

Kava unveils one-click bridge for USDT transfers

Kava merges the developer prowess of Ethereum and the multi-chain capability of the Cosmos network to create a high-performance blockchain. The customized Cosmos EVM technology powering it facilitates enhanced speed, developer support, security, and scalability. 

Its native token KAVA is the official medium of exchange of the ecosystem. Using the proof-of-stake consensus protocol, the platform ropes in KAVA token holders for confirming transactions and keeping the network secure. 

Kava has been making rapid strides in the DeFi ecosystem by introducing new features for various user groups. It recently launched a one-click bridge solution that would make USDT transfers on Cosmos-compatible blockchains easier.


While Mantle and Kava are strong performers which have a lot of potential they are yet to outmatch InQubeta’s growth. InQubeta has all it takes to become one of the potential altcoins for 2023 – right from cutting-edge security to innovation-fueled features. 

QUBE’s security architecture has been reviewed by some of the best firms in the blockchain audit sector. This latest ICO has highlighted its potential as a cryptocurrency which has a long way to go. 

Supporters of InQubeta (QUBE) can take part in pre-sale and buy tokens here or join its communities.

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