Maestro trading bot became target of hackers, who successfully stole almost 300 ETH from router contract

Biggest Telegram Trading Bot Exploited: Save Yourself From Losses
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The digital finance realm experienced a tremor recently as Maestro, the most extensive Telegram bot project, encountered a severe external call vulnerability in its Maestro Router 2 contract. This breach permitted nefarious entities to siphon off a substantial amount of over 280 ETH

If you have never heard of Telegram trading bots, Maestro stands as a notable name in the crypto-trading space, especially for the messenger’s users. Its Router 2 contract acts as a pivotal element for its operations. The recent exploit of this contract serves as a grim reminder: even the most experienced teams of developers are making mistakes, and that is why you should double-check your permissions and conduct operations only when necessary. 

In response to the breach, Maestro took swift action. The team released an official statement acknowledging the issue. They assured the community that they had transitioned to a safer, exploit-resistant version of the router. 

This implies that trading can recommence without the looming threat of another similar breach. However, the statement also carried a caveat – tokens affiliated with SushiSwap, ShibaSwap and ETH PancakeSwap pools will remain inaccessible for an undefined interim.

The statement reads, “Our router has been updated to a safe, exploit-free implementation. Trading can resume as normal, but tokens with pools on SushiSwap, ShibaSwap, and ETH PancakeSwap will be temporarily unavailable. Thank you for your patience.”

Reassuringly, Maestro is committed to ensuring that the affected parties are not left high and dry. Their team is diligently strategizing the most expedient and equitable method to disburse refunds to the aggrieved parties. The statement further instills hope by conveying, “Not a single one of you will be left behind, so you don’t need to worry. We’ll update the community as soon as we’re ready to process the refunds (hopefully within the day).”

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