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Yuri Molchan

Largest crypto exchange by volume has faced a trading tech issue

Binance exchange and its founder and CEO Changpeng Zhao (known to the community simply as CZ) have announced that the platform has faced a technical issue with USDT-margined futures trading.

No details have been shared, however, CZ stated that the Binance team is already busy trying to fix the problem with futures contracts trading.

In the recent years, Binance has often faced tech issues and often suspended trading operations for several hours, however its team often solved those problems quicker than that.

Binance loses a streak of high-ranking executives

A week ago, CZ commented on the exodus of several top managers from Binance. The CEO wrote on X that they are growing into bigger roles somewhere outside Binance.

CZ urged the community to ignore the FUD (an acronym for fear, uncertainty, doubt) spread by haters and focus on building.

One of the top managers, Gleb Kostarev, was in charge of Eastern Europe, Commonwealth of Independent States, Turkey, Australia and New Zealand. The other one, Vladimir Smerkis, was head of the CIS region. He took tto Facebook to announce his quitting his position at Binance.

That was not it, however, as Binance continued to lose managers from high positions. Following the two aforementioned top-tier executives, Helen Hai, who was in charge of Binance’s global fiat business also left the company. None of them provided any comments to media as to where they are heading, leaving Binance behind.

Mayur Kamat and Leon Foong, first was in charge of global head of product and the second ran the business for Binance in the Asian-Pacific region, also called it quits for Binance.

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