Web3 platforms are heightening their standards with exquisite performance and are captivating other business ventures!

Sleek, a Web3 space mainly into the social network, has lately raised a seed funding round of $5 million through binance

Investors Got A Kick At The Can

Although Web3 spaces and companies built on blockchain technology are still emerging, Sleek has come and left no crumbs as it raises as much as $5 million from significant investors besides Binance Labs. They include Spartan Group, Market Across, Shima Capital, Symbolic Capital, and Big Brain Holdings. The co-founder, Tania Tse, told The Block on Friday, “The funding was realised via a simple agreement for future tokens (SAFT).” In contrast, the valuation around the seed round went up to a whopping $50 million. The investors found better prospects that Sleek has; Sleek is most likely to reshape or transform the social networking route and unfold contemporary breaks for creators in Web3’s current scenario. 

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Sleek’s Future Endeavors

Sleek is seen passionately performing to launch a marketplace for knowledge. This sounds new, but this is how it works: This marketplace enables discipline or subject matter professionals to tokenise their knowledge or proficiency and make money. 

The sources also say, “The monetisation model of fees has proven to work in exchanges and DeFi (trading fees) as well as NFTs (royalties) and can better align incentives between creators and fans through shared financial incentives.”

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