There is ongoing speculation in the digital investment space as the crypto community raises questions on whether Ripple ($XRP) can reach $3. This cryptocurrency has had its fair share of market fluctuations, particularly with the legal case between Ripple Labs and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Recent developments suggest that a continuous bullish trend may be on the horizon for $XRP. On a similar front, two cryptos, Cronos ($CRO) and InQubeta ($QUBE), have recently shown bullish indicators.

Cronos experienced positive growth signals and market trends in the past week. InQubeta’s blockchain ICO, which offers a gateway to artificial intelligence (AI) technology and blockchain investment, has also witnessed wider participation.

The following sections explore the reasons behind the predictions of $XRP to reach $3, and Cronos and InQubeta’s recent bullish signals.

InQubeta ($QUBE): Achieving Presale Milestones

As seen by a rise in the transactional activities of its native $QUBE tokens, InQubeta is likely experiencing a bull run. More participants are diversifying their portfolios with its blockchain ICO to capitalize on the growth of AI-driven initiatives. So far, InQubeta, in its 4th out of 10 presale stages, has sold over 420 million tokens and raised nearly $3.9 million.

InQubeta is one of the best DeFi projects that differs from conventional investments with unique financing models. It adopts a fractional investment approach that allows investors with varying budgets to participate in the project. This inclusivity also extends to ownership of portions of trending NFTs (non-fungible tokens), where each NFT represents a part of an AI project.

By incorporating a governance model, the InQubeta ecosystem ensures that decision-making is collaborative and aligned with the best interests of the platform. $QUBE holders can propose and vote on various decisions, upgrades, and initiatives regarding the platform. This democratic approach has set InQubeta apart as the best DeFi initiative that fosters a sense of ownership in its growing community.

Ripple ($XRP): Navigating Towards Price Highs

Ripple allows users to send, receive, hold, and move currencies across borders quickly and reliably. Ripple’s infrastructure is highly scalable and can handle over 1,500 transactions every second. Payment providers can access smaller markets, enjoy faster payment settlements, and reduce foreign exchange costs.

The SEC recently dropped its charges against Ripple‘s executives, contributing to the cryptocurrency’s surge to a two-month high, alongside a 12% price increase in the past week. If this bullish trend continues throughout the year, the $XRP price should significantly increase. Should the SEC lawsuit be resolved or favorably concluded, its price will rise even higher. But the speculation of $XRP nearing its previous all-time high range and getting to around $3 means that $XRP needs to be about x6 its current price range. If the bullish sentiment continues, this may be achievable later, likely in the coming year.

Cronos ($CRO): Fueling Efficiency and Versatility in Crypto

$CRO coin is the utility token for the exchange. Users can use $CRO on the platform to pay fees and qualify for various benefits by staking it. The benefits include discounted fees, higher earnings for lending, and priority services. Cronos also has a blockchain that acts as a cross-asset settlement layer.

Cronos prices recently increased by about 10% in a week. The market metrics, like its ten-day moving average, also indicate more growth in the coming weeks. These positive signals and growth trends signify a bullish indication for $CRO even as potential investors seek profitable crypto opportunities.


As Cronos and InQubeta show bullish signals, the focus is also drawn to Ripple and its potential to reach the $3 milestone. InQubeta is an enticing platform for decentralized investment opportunities and the acquisition of trending NFTs, harmonizing innovation in AI-driven startups with the potential for value appreciation. With the anticipation of the presale price going from 0.0133 $USDT to 0.0161 $USDT in the next stage, buying $QUBE tokens now promises more gains.

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