Charles Hoskinson breaks silence on stablecoin project Djed shutdown rumors

In a recent development, Charles Hoskinson, prominent blockchain entrepreneur and founder of Cardano, has shed light on the future of the Djed stablecoin project. Contrary to rumors of its discontinuation, Hoskinson confirmed that the stablecoin is not only here to stay but is about to undergo a major transformation.

Djed, a stablecoin developed by Input Output Global (IOG) and powered by COTI, has gained attention for its overcollateralized nature, utilizing Cardano’s native blockchain token, ADA, as a reserve. Djed’s circulating supply is backed by four times the number of its outstanding coins, providing an additional layer of security and stability for its users.

Despite its promising beginnings, Djed faced some challenges, with its reserves dwindling to 356%, leading to a temporary halt in minting new tokens due to low activity.

Changes at top

Charles Hoskinson’s statement may breathe new life into the Djed project. However, to further bolster its potential, IOG, the development company behind Cardano, has made strategic changes.

Thus, W. Sean Ford has been appointed as the CEO, with David Markley taking the role of COO for a newly established spin-off company dedicated to the stablecoin sector.

Hoskinson expressed his enthusiasm for this new venture, emphasizing the importance of stablecoins in the blockchain industry. He remarked, “The blockchain industry needs stablecoins to realize its mission and fully protect its values.”

With this significant pivot and the backing of the Cardano ecosystem, Djed gets the chance to reestablish itself as a formidable player in the world of stablecoins, offering users a more secure and reliable financial instrument.

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