In a recent development, Chainlink ($LINK) revealed plans to launch an upgraded version of its staking protocol, resulting in speculations on the price of $LINK. Amid this development, investors are anticipating a 167% surge in the price of BorroeFinance ($ROE) as the new DeFi project flashes upside potential.

Will $LINK soar as high as $ROE in the incoming term? Let’s find out which is the best crypto to invest in today.


Chainlink is making a move that can significantly impact the price of $LINK. Specifically, Chainlink announced via a post on Twitter (now X) its intention to roll out an upgrade to the first version of $LINK’s staking platform. 

According to the October 19 tweet, “Chainlink Staking v0.2 is coming.”

The Chainlink team noted that the v0.2 staking layer will introduce a pool of 45 million $LINK tokens. It will also feature a reward system, improved security, and a more flexible staking process. Naturally, this development has raised questions among investors regarding the prospective price of $LINK.

Analysts opined that demand for Chainlink ($LINK) will skyrocket once the new staking protocol goes live. Yet, this may have little impact on the price of $LINK as the asset responds more to speculative trading. Hence, for Chainlink ($LINK) to react positively to this development will require a simultaneous positive shift in traders’ sentiment.

As of now, Chainlink ($LINK) is trading in a crucial range, having risen 8.07% from $7.42 to $8.02 between October 16 and October 21. Experts attributed this rise to the relief rally witnessed across the entire crypto market within the same period. However, they project a potential correction to $7.80 in the coming term, marking a 2.7% decline underway.

BorroeFinance Update: $ROE Token On The Brink Of Printing A 167% ROI

BorroeFinance ($ROE) is one of the new DeFi projects to invade the crypto scene. The project shines among its contemporaries as a result of its market dynamics and relevant use cases in the finance world. As a decentralized project, BorroeFinance seeks to incorporate decentralization into Web3 and finance.

BorroeFinance is a platform created for Web3 content creators to trade their subscriptions, royalties, and invoices for unlimited cash flow. Content creators use BorroeFinance ($ROE) to convert their future earnings (subscriptions, royalties, etc) into non-fungible tokens. These NFTs are tradable on the BorroeFinance marketplace at discounted rates.

BorroeFinance works along the lines of Web3, ensuring equitable distribution of value among creators and users. As an innovative platform, BorroeFinance ($ROE) utilizes advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain to stay ahead of traditional finance. Hence, BorroeFinance leads where traditional finance lags.

$ROE is presently in the second stage of its presale, trading for $0.015. From the current price level, investors can realize 167% of their investment capital when $ROE hits $0.040 at the end of the presale cycle. This projection places $ROE among the best cryptocurrencies to invest in today.

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