• $6 million worth of XRP was stolen from Coins.ph on October 20.
  • Binance has added Bitcoin SV (BSV) Perpetual Futures to its list of services. The last time Bitcoin SV was listed on Binance was a few years ago.
  • NuggetRush (NUGX) is teasing investors with a 100% price increase.

2023 has been filled with crypto hacks. The latest victim is Coins.ph, who just suffered a $6 million hack. The attackers had taken XRP, which has increased in popularity in the past few months. Speaking of popularity, Bitcoin SV is in the news following Binance’s decision to offer BSV Perpetual Futures. Still, the most talked about project seems to be NuggetRush, and it’s gaining attention for its expected 100% increase. 

Can NuggetRush become a top ICO? What’s next for XRP and BSV? Let’s discuss.

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Coins.ph Suffers Major Hack Involving 12 Million XRP Tokens

On October 20, 2023, hackers attacked Coins.ph, one of the largest crypto exchanges in the Philippines. The hackers moved 12 million XRP tokens to various exchanges, including OKX, WhiteBIT, and OrbitBridge.

The stolen XRP tokens were worth around $6.4 million. Following the hack, WhiteBIT moved to block the 445,000 XRP tokens. The hack followed several network exploits in the past few months.

Meanwhile, XRP’s popularity has risen in the past few months following its ongoing lawsuit. After a summary judgment on July 13, many crypto firms increased their XRP holdings. This could have been why Coins.ph was holding a large stash of XRP tokens.

After its victory on July 13, XRP had risen to $0.81. Yet, by October 23, XRP had fallen by 33.3% to $0.54. As XRP’s lawsuit rages on, analysts say a positive outcome will bring a rally for the token. If XRP wins its lawsuit against the SEC, it could rise by 53.7% to $0.83.

Binance Launches Bitcoin SV (BSV) Perpetual Contracts

On September 20, 2023, Binance announced the launch of Bitcoin SV Perpetual Futures. The decision to relist Bitcoin SV (BSV) comes after Binance delisted it nearly four years ago. Binance delisted Bitcoin SV’s spot trading pair due to a public dispute.

As expected, the recent launch of Bitcoin SV’s perpetual contracts brought a sharp price rally for BSV. On October 1, BSV was trading at $32.47. Yet, BSV jumped by 68.9% to $54.86 on October 20 following Binance’s announcement.

Analysts expect Bitcoin SV’s (BSV) network to experience increased network demand. This could further boost Bitcoin SV’s trading activity. Such increases could push BSV up by 10.2% to $60.48.

NuggetRush (NUGX) Opens New GameFi Possibilities to Ethereum’s Community

NuggetRush (NUGX) is a community-owned mining game/ecosystem. It explores the next frontier of DeFi gaming, which involves community ownership and greater control of in-game assets. Unlike most games, rewards in NuggetRush are controlled by players. 

Overall, NuggetRush (NUGX) features a thrilling mining challenge with various rewards along the way. To win, players must build a successful mining operation, starting only with simple tools and a small plot of land. As players move through the game, they search for NFT characters and mining machinery to improve their operations. 

Moreover, users can join mining guilds, which helps their mining operations. In return, the mining guilds share the rewards from the fruits of their joint effort. Players also earn rewards by winning tournaments, battles, ranked play, and more.

Anticipation of NuggetRush’s (NUGX) upcoming launch has already swept through the crypto community. It just entered Stage 1 of its presale, costing $0.010. Yet, NUGX is one of the most in-demand new ICOs. 

By Stage 2 of its presale, NUGX would have grown by 20%, reaching $0.012. Finally, NuggetRush’s mining game will launch when NUGX’s value rises to $0.020, growing by 100% from its current value. Rising by 100% will make NUGX one of the top crypto coins of 2023.

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