One word to describe the current state of the community when it comes to the XRP price is ‘bullish’. This extreme state of bullishness is spurred on by crypto analysts far and wide presenting various bullish scenarios, with some expecting the XRP price to reach as high as $10,000. Once again, crypto analysts are seeing a rally in the future of the altcoin that could spur a massive increase.

XRP Price To Surge 5,000% To Reach $25

A TradingView crypto analyst who goes by the pseudonym TheLeadingIndicator has joined the ranks of analysts who are currently seeing a possible bullish breakout for the XRP price. The analyst seems to take a long-term approach in his forecast as well, which falls in line with others who have presented a similar bullish narrative.

However, unlike some, TheLeadingIndicator does not expect the altcoin to perform well. From the already low price of $0.49 at the time of this writing, he predicts a further decline in the XRP price. According to him, XRP will fall as low as $0.3785, with a further decline to $0.28 in the medium term, and then even lower to around $0.22 before the Bitcoin halving in 2024.

Then spreading out into the longer term, the chart points to a rapid surge in what looks to be a period of about a couple of years. This surge hits its peak around the $25 level, although the $28 and $35 marks are highlighted as well. But at the least, this would mean that the XRP price would rise as high as 5,000% from its current price.

XRP price chart from (XRP price prediction)

Prediction puts XRP above $25 | Source:

Although TheLeadingIndicator’s chart shows no specific timeframe, he gives a target year in response to another analyst. The analyst Brandon29992 on TradingView, presented his own bull case for the XRP price to cross $15.

TheLeadingIndicator’s opposition was that XRP would definitely have to dip to the $0.22 level before seeing any major movement. And when Brandon points out that his own chart showed XRP at around $27, the analyst reveals that “that target is in 2028.”

It seems for the analyst, his bullishness on the XRP price does not cross beyond this level. According to him, XRP will retrace back to then trade in the $5.89 level. “The XRP token itself needs a low, stable price to serve its purpose anyway,” the crypto analyst adds.

Bullish Predictions Across The Board

Another analyst who sees a double-digit price tag for XRP is @Cryptobilbuwoo0 on X (formerly Twitter). In the analysis which seems to be at least a month in the making, he shows how the XRP price could reach $39. However, unlike TheLeadingIndicator, the forecast plays out in a much shorter timeframe.

The chart presented on X shows a bullish rally starting out in 2024 and continuing until it reaches a peak of $39. It doesn’t end there though as the chart maps out the XRP price performance into 2025. By then, it points to a price tag as high as $375 before eventually dropping back down double-digits again.

Ripple XRP price chart from

XRP takes a nosedive | Source: XRPUSD on

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