Crypto analyst Alan Santana has been continuously bullish on the XRP price and has previously predicted a breakout for the digital asset. With the rise in the crypto market over the last day, the analyst’s prediction of a surge has come to pass. Now, in an update, Santana reveals what is next for the beloved altcoin.

Predicting The XRP Price Rally

Santana first took to TradingView to share his analysis of the XRP price performance on October 13. This initial post had been made when the price of the digital asset was still trading at just $0.48, and way before the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) dropped its lawsuit against Ripple’s co-founders.

In this initial post, Santana had referred to the XRP price at the time as “great timing” for an entry and he turned out to be right. The next update from the crypto analyst was on October 16 where he said that the digital asset still had very high growth potential.

XRP price chart from

XRP maintains bullish momentum | Source:

Then on October 20, after the SEC dropped its charges against the Ripple execs, Santana said that the victory “opens the doors for a 150% rally.” Now, while the XRP price is yet to hit this 150% target, it has already risen 114% from the time of the first post when XRP was trading at $0.48.

XRP price chart from (Crypto analyst)

XRP shows strength amid correction | Source: XRPUSD on

What’s Coming Next?

In the latest updates of the analysis, Santana explains that “XRP is showing zero signs of weakness.” As the analyst puts it, every single XRP signal across all timeframes has been waxing stronger amid the crypto market resurgence.

The analyst expects a continuation of the bullish momentum with further upside to come. Sticking to the expected 150% rally, the XRP price could run up to $0.6 before running out of steam or hitting major resistance along the way.

“Just as the chart succeeded in predicting a Ripple win and major XRP rally before the event actually took place… The chart is once more saying, ‘forget the doubters, a higher high comes next!’” Santana’s TradingView post reads.

As the analyst predicted, XRP is still showing a lot of strength in the market after crossing the $0.55 mark. Its price is up 4.98% in the last day alone. Its 11.45% weekly surge has brought its market cap above $29.4 billion, while its daily trading volume shows a 200% increase, according to data from CoinMarketCap.

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