Following a review of customers’ feedback, the largest crypto exchange Binance (BNB) released upgraded account dashboards, new Binance Futures Leaderboards and Trading Bot interfaces, as well as dozens of minor improvements. 

Binance (BNB) releases new feedback roundup: Here’s what has changed

In its recent #BinanceBuild Sep/Oct 2023: Feedback Roundup, cryptocurrency trading ecosystem Binance (BNB) shared the details of how it has processed feedback from customers in the last two months. Per the document, its dedicated team validated 649 suggestions submitted by Binance users via a special Feature Request & Feedback Board.

Namely, the user dashboard became simpler and cleaner: all of the most important information required to get a clearer view of Binance (BNB) accounts is now displayed in one place.

Also, the platform introduced Binance Futures Leaderboard 5.0, a major upgrade to its best traders’ ranking. Binance added new Options and Trading Bots tabs to see performance from other users across these products. Other advances include enhanced security and the privacy of Binance’s (BNB) operations.

While using Trading Bots, Binance (BNB) customers can now enjoy an Optimized Trading Bots wallet with initial margin and profit. Copy traders can now access their funding fees directly in their Copy Trading Overview page for a more complete summary of their copy trading account.

On the Binance Futures dashboard, users can now see two new graphs pertaining to PNL analysis: asset summary and asset growth.

Major UX/UI improvements for newcomers and pro traders

Also, Binance (BNB) added a new type of trading order. The GTD (Good-til-Date/Time) order remains in force until a certain expiration date and time.

Binance (BNB) representatives stressed that all these features were activated after detailed analysis of the feedback provided by customers:

As we pause to celebrate the updates and enhancements rolled out in recent months, one thing becomes clear: Binance’s journey is intrinsically linked with our community. The features we introduce, the refinements we make, and even the subtle tweaks, are often responses to the feedback you provide us — as seen above. As the world of cryptocurrency evolves, so does Binance. We are always in sync with your needs. Together, we forge ahead, shaping the future of crypto, one update at a time. Keep building.

As covered by U.Today previously, Binance (BNB) launched a copy trading module on Oct. 9, 2023. With this module, customers can follow the strategies of “master traders” with verifiable trading histories.

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