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Take a look at what U.Today has prepared for you in its latest crypto news digest!

Here are the top three news stories over the past day presented to you by U.Today.

Robinhood’s epic Shiba Inu haul: Nearly 1 trillion SHIB added in September

According to data provided by Etherscan, since the start of September, Robinhood has added nearly a trillion SHIB tokens, or 878.5 billion SHIB, to be precise. The biggest acquisition was made by Robinhood’s wallet labeled “0x73A,” totaling an astonishing 579.71 billion SHIB tokens. At the moment, Shiba Inu is Robinhood’s third-largest digital asset holding after Bitcoin and Ethereum. The platform’s wallets are cumulatively housing 34.97 trillion SHIB, which constitutes $246.85 million. As impressive as this hefty amount of tokens may seem, it is important to note, however, that the largest Shiba Inu holder remains the renowned Binance address, which stores 42.13 trillion tokens in its digital vault.

Zilliqa scores strategic alliance with Google Cloud

Yesterday, Sept. 13, Zilliqa, a high-performance L1 blockchain, announced a multiyear strategic alliance with Google Cloud at TOKEN2049 crypto conference in Singapore. By scoring this collaboration, Zilliqa hopes to “enhance the resilience and scalability” of its blockchain and to bring benefit to the wider ecosystem and ventures within Zilliqa Group. Additionally, it is planned that Google Cloud will join Zilliqa as a staked seed node (SSN) operator, playing a key role in the decentralized network. As stated by Zilliqa Group CEO Matt Dyer, by establishing this alliance, Zilliqa and Google Cloud are “setting the stage for a new wave of innovation and growth in the Web3 space.”

SHIB member issues major warning to community

In a recent X post, SHIB marketing expert Lucie addressed the meme coin community with a warning. She reminded Shiba Inu supporters that TREAT, a reward token within the SHIB ecosystem, has not been launched yet and urged them to stay cautious in order not to fall for scammers “pretending otherwise.” As previously reported by U.Today, TREAT was mentioned among five upcoming developments for the Shiba Inu project in Lucie’s post earlier this week. However, the SHIB team member has not provided any exact launch dates for these developments; in anticipation of numerous “wen” questions from the community, she only gave a laconic “when ready” as an answer.

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