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Shiba Inu nears gigantic 298 trillion SHIB barrier, will bulls prevail?

Shiba Inu is about to overcome the largest and most significant price barrier. The total takeover of this barrier might result in 100% gains for Shiba Inu based on current prices. A staggering 298.83 trillion SHIB was purchased by 430,600 Shiba Inu addresses within this range, which is between $0.000008 and $0.000014. The average cost to acquire this enormous quantity of SHIB was $0.000010. It is anticipated that there will be significant selling pressure in this price range because many of these addresses will want to sell when the market price approaches their average cost and break-even point on their positions. This will function as a barrier to further price increases at these levels. However, there is a bright side because more addresses were able to purchase massive SHIB volumes at these prices.

XRP lawyer outlines 99.9% win scenario in Ripple-SEC lawsuit

In a recent X post, Ripple’s general counsel Stuart Alderoty shared the news about the SEC’s continuing loss streak. In the SEC-Govel case, wrote Alderoty, the 2nd Circuit ruled that the regulating agency could not seek crippling disgorgement without first establishing that “investors” suffered actual financial harm. The post by Ripple’s chief legal officer caught the attention of a prominent XRP supporter, attorney John Deaton. He quoted Alderoty’s post, writing that those who claimed the SEC earned a 50-50 victory in the Ripple case were 100% wrong. According to Deaton, the outcome was more like 90-10 in Ripple’s favor. “If Ripple ends up paying $20 million or less, it’s a 99.9% legal victory,” concludes attorney’s X post.

Shiba Inu lead Shytoshi Kusama rallies SHIB influencers for unity push

On Saturday, Nov. 4, Shiba Inu lead Shytoshi Kusama took to X platform to urge SHIB influencers and content creators to unify their efforts. Kusama explained that due to the decentralized nature of the platform, it is hard to “contact or work with so many incredible SHIB influencers,” which is why he is now asking various independent operators to share their contact information, confirming their administrative control over Shib-branded accounts. Such a move is aimed at bringing more structured communication and joint strategies among influencers who operate Shib-related media outlets. Further plans will be revealed in due course, wrote the SHIB lead.

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