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SEC v. Ripple: XRP’s fate to be decided by trial, crypto lawyers agree

According to a recent statement by Evernode co-founder Scott Chamberlain, the likelihood of the Ripple-SEC case resolving through trial is even higher. He supported his argument by saying that Judge Torres’ refusal to let a key SEC witness testify as to why people were buying XRP led to conflicting expert testimony, which makes it difficult to issue a summary judgment. Chamberlain believes that it may be impossible to prove that people were purchasing XRP in anticipation of profit from Ripple’s actions, and this could be fatal for the SEC. Crypto attorney John Deaton agreed with Chamberlain, claiming that the exclusion of the expert as a result of the judge’s decision is fatal to the SEC’s motion for summary judgment.

Shiba Inu (SHIB) fans rejoice: Shibarium public beta launches this week

Yesterday, on March 8, the official Twitter handle of Shiba Inu announced that Shibarium public beta would be launched this week. The team behind the project urged its followers to stay tuned for more details on how to access the beta website. The announcement thrilled a SHIB community that has been eagerly waiting for the launch as it comes after months of development and testing by the Shibarium team. During the beta phase, users will be able to test out the platform’s various features and provide feedback to the team on any issues they encounter. Shibarium’s launch is anticipated to increase SHIB adoption and strengthen its status as a leading cryptocurrency.

Ripple lawsuit: judge says SEC lawyers prioritize personal agenda over law

In a recent tweet, XRP holders’ attorney John Deaton criticized the SEC while responding to the news about a judge approving bankrupt crypto lender Voyager to sell its assets to Binance in a $1.3 billion deal, rejecting the objections of the regulating agency. In Deaton’s opinion, this ruling is another example of a federal judge deciding the SEC’s arguments are completely without merit. Deaton proceeded by giving two examples concerning the Ripple case. First, he said that a federal judge, in a written ruling, literally stated that SEC lawyers were being hypocrites and that they lacked faithful allegiance to the law. Second, the judge said that SEC lawyers were more interested in advancing their agenda than adhering to the law.

Shiba Inu (SHIB) now accepted by top Latin America travel agency via this partnership

Good news for all SHIB holders living in Latin America: thanks to Binance’s new partnership with Despegar, a Latin American travel company, it has now become possible to book using Shiba Inu meme tokens. According to a blog post, Despegar has included cryptocurrency payments as a new option for its clients in Argentina. This was done in collaboration with Binance and Inswitch, an integrated financial technology firm. Thus, Despegar became the first online travel agency in Latin America to accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment for any of its products and services, both on the website and its app. This new option will gradually be implemented in other nations where Despegar conducts business.

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