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Yuri Molchan

Mark Cuban admires Elon Musk’s decision to create his own AI company but also feels the creeps from potential results

Billionaire, investor and major fan of meme coin DOGE Mark Cuban has taken to Twitter to share his take on Elon Musk’s initiative to create his own AI company and make “TruthGPT” (as opposed to Open AI’s ChatGPT).

Cuban has tweeted that he understands why Musk wants to build his own AI program to oppose ChatGPT, which he referred to as “woke” several times recently.

Implementing his own AI program on Twitter, according to Cuban, will enable Musk to turn it into a rival to the big three (which includes Meta, ChatGPT and another major company). Cuban added that Musk will be able to “weight his own tweets and those of the sources he likes and end up with a consumer facing AI that can be a virtual Elon.” For the billionaire, this is “pretty cool. pretty scary.”

In early March, Elon Musk posted a tweet, in which he stated that the sphere of his interests now includes not only crypto but also artificial intelligence. Musk poured criticism on Open AI, which he co-founded by providing investment at an early stage. Back then, Open AI was a nonprofit, but later on, it focused on profitability only, according to Musk. Later, it got a major investment from Microsoft, and now Musk believes that Open AI may be partly under its control.

He called the ChatGPT made by this company “woke” as the texts produced by it are very politically correct and adjust the information they produce so as not to offend users in any sphere: politics, religion, etc. Back then, rumor emerged that the Tesla chief was thinking about launching his own company to create “the right AI.”

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