In the first half of September, Ripple’s $XRP embarked on a bearish rally, while Hedera ($HBAR) exhibited a similar scenario by declining substantially during the same time. As experts investigate both coins’ downtrends, all eyes are set on ($DOMI), a promising beginner cryptocurrency set to deliver massive gains.

But before we discuss $DOMI and why it might be a good crypto, let’s look at $XRP and $HBAR to determine the best coin to invest in.

$XRP Fails to Impress Investors

On August 24, XRP Ledger had crossed over 82 million ledgers, reaching a significant usage milestone for the Ripple ecosystem. Experts speculated that this news might cause $XRP’s value to surge by boosting investor confidence and interest in the token.

However, despite the positive predictions, $XRP failed to realize the expected gains. Between August 24 and September 10, its value dipped by 5.3% from $27.8 billion to $26.6 billion. Investors might attribute the recent downtrend to a broader negative crypto sentiment because the SEC delayed its decision on Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs.

Although $XRP struggled to surge, investors are still hopeful for a bullish movement in the future. As of September 10, some of $XRP’s monthly indicators, especially Momentum 10 and SMA 10, were positive, signaling a possible bullish price reversal.

While $XRP failed to show bullish action $DOMI is set to grow exponentially throughout its presale. ($DOMI) Investors Set to Benefit from 633% Gains Following Presale is a revolutionary art marketplace bridging the gap between art and finance by leveraging blockchain. The platform broadens accessibility to high-end blue-chip art via fractionalization. 

Besides democratizing access to blue chip art, also offers consultation to its users. carries out in-depth market analysis to offer users personalized recommendations about the best NFTs to buy to help them meet their investment goals. 

Apart from providing enticing perks to its users, further incentivizes its token holders with exclusive perks such as special discounts on’s transaction fees and tiered memberships. In addition to providing token holders with these exclusive privileges, is set to grow remarkably throughout its presale.

As of September 10, 2023, $DOMI had progressed to the Beta Stage of its presale. Therefore, investing in $DOMI now can benefit from a 633% surge from $0.0021 to $0.0154 when the presale concludes. Furthermore, if you want the maximum returns on your investment, use the promo code “DOMI10” to get a 10% bonus.

While $DOMI is set to register massive gains, $HBAR embarked on a bearish rally.


Hedera ($HBAR) Struggles to Gain Traction

On September 5, 2023, Hedera sparked investor’s curiosity by crossing the transaction count of 20 billion. Experts speculated that this news might boost investor confidence and help $HBAR to embark on a bullish rally.

However, Hedera failed to initiate a bull run. Between September 5 and 10, the $HBAR price dropped by 2.9% from $0.0488 to $0.0474. Investors might attribute the recent downtrend to surging competition between the top altcoins and a negative crypto sentiment due to the SEC’s delayed decision on Bitcoin ETFs.

However, investors remain optimistic about Hedera’s future despite the negative $HBAR price movement. As of September 10, 2023, some of Hedera’s monthly indicators signaled a “Buy” position, indicating that the $HBAR coin might exhibit bullish movement in the coming days.

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