Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin has recently revisited Plasma, a scaling solution introduced in 2017. His recent post on X “Exit games for EVM validiums: the return of Plasma” has reignited a discussion on blockchain scalability and efficiency.

However, this move has not gone without criticism, especially from the Cardano community, which views Ethereum’s renewed interest in Plasma as a potential replication of ideas from its own layer-2 scalability solution, Hydra.

Hydra, developed by Cardano, aims to enhance transaction speeds and overall network scalability through state channels, a concept bearing similarities to Plasma. This parallel has not escaped the notice of Steven Nerayoff, an Ethereum whistleblower known for his outspoken views on Vitalik Buterin, Joseph Lubin and Ethereum’s alleged web of fraud.

Ethereum Insider: Cardano Is ‘My Top Pick In Crypto’

Nerayoff, in a scathing critique, stated, “What timing! This is why I just said Cardano is my top pick in crypto.” He further elaborated on his views, making a bold claim about Ethereum’s history of idea replication.

He accused Ethereum co-founders Vitalik Buterin and Joseph Lubin of copying Ripple for smart contracts and appropriating his idea for the utility token & ICO, suggesting that these were the only successful elements of Ethereum. Nerayoff’s criticism didn’t stop there; he labeled Buterin and Lubin as “complete morons” and condemned their decision-making skills.

According to Nerayoff, Buterin made a “big mistake in getting rid” of Charles Hoskinson. “Are the clueless smug Ethereum cultists who got rid of Charles happy now that the boy genius is copying Cardano?” Nerayoff remarked and teased that “the unmasking begins.”

When asked about his preference between Charles Hoskinson and Gavin Wood, both former Ethereum contributors, Nerayoff hinted at the complexity of the question. He suggested that the recent partnership between Wood and Hoskinson could be beneficial for the crypto industry.

In a revealing comment, Nerayoff said, “We would be in a better world if Gavin Wood and Charles Hoskinson had stayed at Ethereum & Vitalik Buterin and Joseph Lubin had left.” Referring to the audio file that Nerayoff plans to unveil today, he shared: “Interestingly, this is touched upon on the recording. I suggest everyone listen & I’ll expand afterwards as it’s not a simple answer

Nerayoff also criticized Laura Shin’s book “The Cryptopians”, portraying it as a comic book with Buterin as a hero, calling it a shill by Laura Shin and a hit piece on himself and Charles Hoskinson. He mentioned providing materials to Shin which she did not incorporate.

Regarding the controversy involving Charles Hoskinson and the XRP Army, Nerayoff clarified his stance, emphasizing that his support for Hoskinson is based on technology and skillset, not on the XRP issue.

The crypto community is now keenly awaiting the release of an audio tape by Nerayoff, which he has been teasing recently. The tape, expected to be released today, is anticipated to provide further insight into his allegations and viewpoints on Ethereum. Nerayoff confirmed yesterday, “ “Yes. Tomorrow, “ adding “cleaning up a little & moving things around preparing for the drop. Don’t mean to spam.”

At press time, the ETH price stood at $2,059.

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