With the crypto market looking more promising than ever, maximizing the opportunities it presents is non-negotiable. Considering how volatile the market can be, seeking expert opinion will always be helpful. With the momentum Pepe coin and Pikamoon are on presently, deciding which of these meme coins will smash the 20x profits threshold analysts predicted is as promising as it is tricky. 

But, with insights from expert analysts, you, as an investor can make the best decision for your portfolio this year. 

PEPE Price Prediction: Can Pepe coin (PEPE) Deliver 20x Profits This Year?

According to Pepe coin price prediction, PEPE rose past the moving averages in recent weeks and is currently maintaining its momentum above the monthly resistance line of $0.0000017. With intensified bullish demand, experts expect the Pepe coin (PEPE) to witness another rally very soon. At the time of writing, PEPE recorded another 25% rise from the previous day’s rate after already rising by over 100%.

The charts show the 20-day EMA, now at $0.0000009, is beginning to rise, with the RSI heading through the overbought zone. These are signs suggesting a weakening impact from the bears. Hence, there’s a good chance of PEPE rising to $0.0000019, at which point it might get halted by bearish pressures.

However, should the bulls retain their position near this resistance, the chances of PEPE breaking past $0.0000025 becomes more feasible. With this new momentum, Pepe coin sets the stage for a likely upswing towards new highs in price. On the flip side, a substantial pullback from the $0.0000019 mark could imply a bearish comeback and significant selloff. The chances here are slim and given to chance. 

Pikamoon Looks Set for 20x Returns with Convincing Offering

Pikamoon is a promising GameFi and meme coin hybrid project that has earned its credibility from back-to-back massive ROIs. Another highlight of this project and a major one is its metaverse game that rewards gamers with crypto (NFTs or $PIKA) in a metaverse world known as the Pikaverse. Pikamoon gamers earn these rewards by building virtual empires and competing in treasure hunts, and adventurous contests. To boost their winning chances, players can buy boosts on the in-game marketplace for their avatars, using $PIKA. 

Still, Pikamoon’s rocketing momentum so far is thanks to more perks like the ones below:

  • Community Support and Enabling Activities

Pikamoon enjoys the support of a community of crypto elites, including investment experts, whales, and well-known crypto analysts. Their active involvement boosts the project’s credibility, interest from gamers and investors, and fast growth, as Pikamoon aims for front-row seats in the Play-to-earn sector with massive profits.

  • Investment Security Guaranteed

The Pikamoon community has solid trust in the project and its long-term investment security and profit prospects. This makes it the preferred choice for investors seeking investment security. 

To be a part of the core team requires undergoing a selection process like KYC verification and also the project has undergone smart contract audits by Coinsult, a respected blockchain audit firm. With this, investors get the assurance that their investment is secure, and that attracts more investments.

  • PIKA’s Use Cases Prepare It for More Explosive Profits 

It appears the next bull run is here and PIKA is one of the tokens analysts have selected as set for explosive profits due to the high demand it gets from its numerous use cases. PIKA serves a crucial role in every area of the Pikamoon project, keeping it in demand, and increasing its value and massive ROI chances.

20x Profits to Add to the Pikamoon Presale Success

The Pikamoon presale already recorded 300% in profits which gave the project a bullish stance. Now, investors are flocking for a chance to accumulate the promising PIKA token, boosting its high demand and value already with more to come.

According to expert analysts, there’s a chance of a possible 20x more profit for PIKA this year. At $0.0006, now is the best time to buy PIKA and maximize profits. 

Find out more about Pikamoon (PIKA):

Website: https://pikamoon.io
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Pikamooncoin
Telegram: https://t.me/pikamoonofficial

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