The excitement of a new bull season suggests there are endless opportunities for savvy investors who make the right choices. With a significant chunk of growth recorded in the GameFi sector recently, projects like Gala and Pikamoon have managed to stand out for various positive reasons. Gala price prediction raises optimism among its investors, while Pikamoon continues its explosive run as it reaches higher heights.

This article examines what’s next for GALA and PIKA as investors look to maximise the current bull season.

Gala Price Prediction: Current Growth, Promising Future

Gala (GALA) has remained one of the standout performers in the GameFi world. At the time of writing, the crypto hit a rally that took it well over 34% and as high as $0.025. This rally has seen Gala’s price break above key levels, including a significant descending trendline, according to chart analysts.

Gala price prediction has also revealed optimism about GALA, predicting potential price growth of 380% following this breakout in the coming months. But Gala’s price must first overcome its current major hurdle around $0.026, as sellers have aggressively defended this level in the past. Scaling this resistance level increases the potential of GALA reaching the target of the bullish flag pattern, which indicates a 25% growth towards $0.027 with more to come.

Pikamoon (PIKA) Continues Impressive Run With 50x ROI Potential 

Unlike several other GameFi projects, crypto analysts and investors are more positive about Pikamoon’s chance, the interest in it, and its innovative features. This GameFi project rewards gamers who participate in the different activities of its P2E metaverse game called Pikamoon Adventure.

Furthermore, it features a deflationary token readied with sufficient use cases. With PIKA, investors get a project with explosive profit prospects. Plus, there’s an innovative marketplace where Pikamoon users can exchange in-game assets and exchange rewards for fiat.

In addition to these, the play2earn sensation leverages certain features that inspire an easy 20,000% ROI for investors.

  • Immersive Gameplay and Real Rewards

Playing in the Pikaverse makes the Pikamoon Adventure game a standout metaverse offering. Aside from the immersive gameplay, the real crypto rewards (NFTs and PIKA) for successful gamers make Pikamoon more appealing. In addition, this GameFi king leverages the in-game marketplace to allow gamers to pay for energy boosts for their avatars and convert their crypto rewards to fiat thanks to Transak technology.

  • Explosive Profits from Multiple Use Cases

PIKA is another thrilling element of Pikamoon’s profitable offering. An investment in PIKA gives investors a shot at explosive returns as the token enjoys high demands from its several use cases.

It is the reward token for gamers who are successful in the different in-game activities, the purchase and conversion token in the marketplace, and much more, giving it enough push to deliver huge returns beyond other GameFi projects.

  • Leveraging robust blockchain support for scaling

Pikamoon (PIKA) scales easily thanks to how well building on a robust blockchain like Ethereum positions it. Ethereum allows Pikamoon to leverage its NFT edge and handle whatever expansion it gets from exposure. With this, the project can keep delivering features efficiently regardless of any influx.

The Pikamoon Presale Kicked Off Journey 20,000% Profits

The Pikamoon Presale recorded immense success, and this keeps attracting several whales and top investors as the growth is not stopping anytime soon. On the back of its numerous successes, experts have highlighted how investment in the project will deliver more appeal. Also, it offers a more convincing potential to deliver 2,000% more ROI before 2023 ends.

To enjoy these explosive profits, buying $PIKA now is non-negotiable as it still trades for an easy $0.0006.

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