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Lead developer of Shiba Inu shared how Twitter users can avoid falling for Shibarium scams where he is mentioned

Shytoshi Kusama has commented on a post that spread the word about one of many Shibarium scams that are being promoted using his name. He has offered a simple way to not fall for these fraudulent offers targeted at the Shiba Inu army.

Shytoshi says how to avoid scams with his name on them

Twitter user @KreeAlpha shared a screenshot of yet another Shibarium-related scam, this time about NFTs. This scam post was tweeted by a fake account of the lead SHIB dev, the pseudonymous Shytoshi Kusama.

This time, scammers are offering “Shibarium OG NFTs.” The aforementioned user admitted that since he saw the name Shytoshi Kusama and his Twitter profile picture, it “almost tricked” him into falling for this one.

He reminded the SHIB army that it is important to DYOR – the acronym standing for “do your own research.”

In the comment thread, the above-mentioned Shytoshi Kusama provided the user with a tip on how to tell his real Twitter account from fake ones. The real one bears a blue verification check.

Kusama got it last week as his number of followers has gradually been moving toward 1 million. At the time of writing, more than 901,700 people are following the SHIB developer on Twitter.

Scam Shytoshi Twitter handle

The above-mentioned scam post about Shibarium OG NFTs was published on a fake account that was spotted on Twitter recently.

It has the same text in the bio section as the real Shytoshi Kusama, and the same avatar. But an attentive user would pay attention to an extra letter “s” in the name – Shytoshi K-s-usama, and of course to the much smaller amount of subscribers on the scam account, 13,700.

Shibarium to launch this week

The latest Medium article published by Shytoshi Kusama has revealed that the long-awaited Layer 2 blockchain Shibarium beta will finally be released for public testing this week.

Shibarium, as promised by Kusama, will provide fast and seamless transfers of crypto, low transaction fees and a better level of security. Besides, developers will be able to build their projects on Shibarium, including smart contracts, DeFi, NFTs, etc.

As of now, more than 3,000 projects have applied via the intake form to build on the blockchain once it is fully operational. Over the weekend, Shytoshi Kusama stated in the Shibarium Telegram chat that many of these submissions are “incredible.”

The community expects the price of Shiba Inu token to surge with the launch of Shibarium. The same goes for the Bone ShibaSwap token (BONE), which will be used as gas on the new blockchain. A portion of these fees will be converted to SHIB and sent to dead wallets, i.e., burned.

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