Horizen recently announced the launch of its EVM-compatible ecosystem, the Horizen EON mainnet. The launch marks a new milestone in Horizen’s next-gen multichain ecosystem.

The announcement was made on the official X/Twitter account of Horizen. The network also released an official post to inform users about the launch. 

According to the post, the Horizen team is in charge of developing and powering Horizen EON. The EVM-compatible sidechain and smart contracting platform will play a considerable role in Web3. Horizen aims to provide a market-leading solution with a customizable, interoperable, permissionless, multi-chain network.

Horizen EON is one of several sidechains for smart contracts on Horizen that will enroll new Web3 users and developers. Horizen EON or Horizen Ethereum Open Network is a scalable blockchain platform.

It has been designed for diverse and streamlined dApp development. The platform is supported by EVM, using Ethereum’s rich community and resources for seamless dApp development.

Horizen believes that Ethereum has driven the adoption of smart contracts and DeFi ecosystems. Meanwhile, Horizen has been on the cutting edge of development with its ZK-based cross-protocol and horizontal scalability solution Zendoo.

The launch of Horizen EON allows Horizen to open its ecosystem to more opportunities across the dApp and smart contract industry. The announcement has also boosted ZEN’s market popularity. After the launch, traders interested in Horizen looked for a ZEN forecast to understand its properties and value proposition.

As for EON, Horizen is offering users a wide array of services with its new addition. The platform is tailored to offer the best services via:

  • Access to grants, liquidity, and more
  • Comprehensive tools for seamless dApp deployment and integrations
  • Business development support

The EON ecosystem already boasts several partners and supporters, such as Stably, LayerZero, Pyth, Tatum, Ankr, Third Web, Band Protocol, etc. As the ecosystem grows, the number of partners will also grow for EON.

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