MUXIC, a metaverse music platform based in Hong Kong, has formed a strategic alliance with IOST, signaling a significant advancement in their quest to establish themselves as a prominent player in the Web3 sector on a global scale. As part of this collaboration, MUXIC has officially become a partner node within the IOST ecosystem, gaining access to extensive assistance in blockchain infrastructure and worldwide ecosystem resources.

Through a collaborative effort, this partnership aims to propel the unified growth and execution of groundbreaking metaverse music products and services. By enhancing users’ experiences within the Web3 metaverse music domain, the platform will introduce refreshed music offerings, immersive experiences, and improved services. Users can anticipate a higher caliber and more gratifying Web3 metaverse music experience.

The collaboration between IOST and MUXIC is set to begin a multidimensional innovation, combining Web3 and blockchain technologies, virtual items with reality, and the metaverse with music. By doing so, they aim to establish a new trend of Web3 metaverse music not only in Hong Kong but around the world.

Introduction to Hong-Kong based Tech MUXIC

MUXIC, a tech company headquartered in Hong Kong, focuses on curating metaverse music events and aims to establish efficient digital distribution channels. Their goal is to empower artists and musicians, fostering sustainable careers in music technology. MUXIC is dedicated to offering users diverse and immersive Web3 metaverse music experiences.

Does This Partnership Impact the price action of IOST?

Before understanding the impacts, let us tell you about this leading smart contract platform. With a robust mainnet boasting zero downtime, IOST ensures first and secure transactions. It accommodates stablecoins like JPYA, HUSD, and USDA. It works on ‘proof of believability,’ while decentralized nodes promote self-governance. IOST has been growing steadily and currently has 571,877 accounts, 491 nodes, and 1,196 contracts.

As the strategic alliance between IOST and MUXIC strengthens, the industry can anticipate a powerful collaboration that will shape the future of Web3 metaverse music, offering innovative solutions and an enhanced user experience. 

Indeed, investing in IOST holds great promise for the future, as indicated by our algorithmic IOST forecast. In 2023, IOST will continue to trade within a range of $0.013 and $0.016. However, it will hit a high of $0.0259 in 2025. We expect IOST will become a major player in the industry, so it will continue its momentum in the next few years. Our IOST price prediction shows it will cross the value of $0.0821 in 2030, reflecting consistent growth potential.

Considering these long-term price predictions, you should consider investing in IOST. The expected upward trajectory, growing market ranking, and widespread acceptance among competitors make IOST an appealing choice for crypto enthusiasts seeking a promising blockchain investment.

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