Legends of the Past is making its debut on the Hedera Network. On September 11, 2023, the HBAR Foundation made an official announcement to confirm the news. It has also shed light on the fact that Legends of the Past will bring together the effective mechanics of Web3 with the standard gaming experience of Web2. Simply put, players can be assured that they will have one of the best gameplay experiences with a free-to-play mobile title.

Legends of the Past has been built with the cooperation of ex-Ubisoft, Tap4Fun, and Supercell. They have chosen Hedera Network for its Hedera Token Service. The plan is to leverage the capability of the service to further the case of the $LOP token. Legends of the Past aims to drive the in-game economy with the token. Overall, the team aims to establish a sustainable economy that is resistant to unnecessary hype that often ends badly in the long run.

The gameplay features player vs. player (PVP) mode, allowing players to compete either individually or as a team of three players each. A session lasts up to 3 minutes, during which the players must venture across Historyverse. Those who do find themselves comfortably seated in the Heaven of Legends.

Another task is to collect Artifacts. These can only be bought with HBAR. Digital items allow players to improve their game while enhancing their capabilities. If not purchased, then they can be found to formulate a list of legendary and powerful items.

A dual rewards system supports the in-game economy of Legends of the Past. The first aspect consists of non-tradable in-game currencies. These are protected from volatility and fluctuations. Then, some Artifacts can be sold in the ecosystem using the native currency.

Players who possess the native digital token can participate in governance. The Legend Committee is also responsible for managing the Legend Vault and selecting a tournament representative. In the end, they receive a reward in the native token for their participation in all possible aspects, including governance and vault administration.

The beta version of Legends of the Past is tentatively scheduled to be launched in September 2023. The production is gaining pace. Once launched, the CLEO Committee will be responsible for electing an official who will be identified as a community representative.

This is not the first major achievement of the Hedera Network. In early August 2023, the Network welcomed Hyundai Motor and Kia’s environmental initiatives. Both companies introduced CO2 emission monitoring systems on the network. This counts as a major win because it showcases the value of Hedera Network, which goes on to touch the right chords with enterprises in terms of accuracy of data and security. Legends of the Past goes live soon on the Hedera Network.

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