Microsoft’s Strategic Move, Hires OpenAI’s Ex-Co-Founders Altman and Brockman

Microsoft has made a significant move in the field of advanced AI research by hiring OpenAI’s former CEO, Sam Altman, and President, Greg Brockman. CEO Satya Nadella officially announced the hiring on Monday, outlining their roles in leading a new advanced AI research team. 

This decision follows a weekend marked by turmoil at OpenAI, where Altman was unexpectedly removed from his role by the organization’s board.

Altman and Brockman got Hired in Microsoft’s

Microsoft made headlines on Monday as CEO Satya Nadella took to X to share the news about the official hiring of former OpenAI CEO Sam Altman and President Greg Brockman. 

In a statement, Nadella expressed enthusiasm, stating, “We’re extremely excited to share the news that Sam Altman and Greg Brockman, together with colleagues, will be joining Microsoft to lead a new advanced AI research team. We look forward to moving quickly to provide them with the resources needed for their success.”

Altman was the prominent face of the startup, widely regarded as a leader in the current AI race. In less than a year, he also took on the role of a kingmaker, influencing numerous startups building on OpenAI’s technologies.

Meanwhile, many seeing Altman’s hiring at Microsoft as a strategic move to strengthen Microsoft’s presence in the AI landscape.

Further emphasizing Microsoft’s commitment, Nadella, whose company has invested over $10 billion in OpenAI and acquired almost 50% ownership, assured ongoing support. He stated, “We remain committed to our partnership with OpenAI and have confidence in our product roadmap, our ability to continue to innovate, and in continuing to support our customers and partners.”

OpenAI Leadership Turmoil

The decision to hire Altman and Brockman comes in the wake of Altman’s removal from OpenAI’s leadership. Altman was removed from his role by the organization’s board on Friday, citing concerns about his lack of consistent candor in conversations. 

This decision triggered protests and departures from several OpenAI members, including co-founder Greg Brockman. 

Meanwhile, Altman’s departure had a notable impact on the cryptocurrency sphere, especially on the Worldcoin (WLD) token associated with his other biometric venture. Following the announcement, Worldcoin witnessed a substantial decline, experiencing a sharp 12.02% drop within a single day, as reported by Coinpedia

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