Bitcoin was inaugurated in 2009 to promote decentralization through peer-to-peer transactions. This meant that individuals participating in the financial industry wouldn’t utilize third-party systems such as banks. The digital currency experienced immense attraction in 2013 after the Winklevii twins bought a large amount of BTC tokens. The next bull run happened in 2017; this time, Bitcoin was accompanied by Ethereum as the early investors gained immense profits. Those who missed out on the previous bull runs now have a chance as there is a new promising altcoin, Bitcoin Spark. The new decentralized platform has already attracted Ethereum and Bitcoin whales. 

Ethereum Attracts Investors Amid the Crypto Surge

Ethereum, known for its ability to allow blockchain developers to create applications, has experienced immense traction from institutional investors. The digital platform has recorded increased trading activities on both centralized and decentralized exchanges. This indicates that the price of ETH will soar amid the imminent bull run that might happen in 2024 as Bitcoin’s halving is set to occur.

Bitcoin Experiences Massive Surge 

Bitcoin, the earliest introduced digital currency in the blockchain ecosystem, experienced a surge in prices at the beginning of the last quarter of 2023. The virtual currency’s surge can be attributed to the imminent halving event scheduled for April 2024. The rise of crypto also cites the Bitcoin ETF applications by asset management firms like BlackRock. These factors have increased investor interest as they look into diversifying their portfolio because of the sudden economic turmoil in the traditional finance ecosystem. 

Bitcoin Sparks Shines Amid the Imminent Bullrun

The decentralized ecosystem gladly appreciates the introduction of a new groundbreaking platform called Bitcoin Spark. Bitcoin Spark has positioned itself among the high-utility altcoins that will transform the distributed ledger industry in a short duration. Among the factors that will make the digital network acquire more insights is allowing several participants to generate revenue in diversified avenues, including referral programs, token holding, bonuses, and partaking in mining and staking activities. 

Three compelling and comprehensive verification organizations, Cognitos, Contract Wolf, and Vital Block, have conducted an audit on the platform. This is to maintain efficiency and transparency to its investors and participants.   

The new decentralized platform has new methods of generating revenue. The income generation will involve two streams that include renting out GPU/CPU power and conducting brand promotional advertisements. Users will need to send BTCS  as payment to the network to utilize the processing power. The GPU/CPU power is acquired from validator nodes. It is utilized by organizations and participants for activities such as video rendering and running shared resource servers. The team will use 3% of the revenue collected for upkeep, maintenance, and income. 

Advertisements will be conducted on small, unobtrusive sections of the platform’s website and mining application. Bitcoin Spark will elastically conduct this program following the increase in companies’ demand to conduct adverts on the platform. This means that the increased demand will cause a decrease in the amount and time for advertisement. Bitcoin Spark‘s team will take 50% of the revenue generated from this section as their income source. The remaining percentage will be allocated to miners and network participants. 

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