A crypto scam has come to light, with accusations directed at the project called Morgan DF Fintoch for allegedly stealing nearly $32 million in user funds. The revelation was made by on-chain detective ZachXBT, shedding light on the disturbing incident.

ZachXBT’s investigation sheds light on the alleged scheme operated by Morgan DF Fintoch, which claimed an affiliation with the renowned financial institution Morgan Stanley. 

The project, which purported to offer lucrative investment opportunities, has now been implicated in a massive fraud that has left victims reeling from substantial financial losses.

Alleged Exit Scam Details Revealed

ZachXBT took to Twitter unveiling a detailed diagram that traced the movement of the funds and strongly suggesting the project’s involvement in an exit scam.

The fraudulent scheme enticed users with the promise of a remarkable 1% daily interest on their investments. However, users have now come forward, reporting an inability to withdraw their funds from the Fintoch platform, raising serious concerns about the legitimacy of the project.

To compound matters, Morgan Stanley issued a notice distancing itself from any affiliation with DF Fintoch, firmly stating that the financial institution has no connection to the project. This public disavowal further erodes the already tarnished reputation of the fraudulent endeavor.

In May, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) also issued an alert against Fintoch, warning the public about its activities. MAS emphasized that the company had been wrongly perceived as being licensed or authorized by them, highlighting the deceptive practices employed by the project.

Uncovering yet another layer of deception, it was revealed that Morgan DF Fintoch had fabricated the identity of its supposed CEO, Bob Lambert, by utilizing the image of actor Mike Provenzano. This revelation exposes the lengths to which the scam project went to deceive unsuspecting investors.

Despite the fraudulent nature of Morgan DF Fintoch, the project managed to amass a substantial following on Twitter, boasting over 71,000 followers. It also received coverage in well-known publications like Yahoo Finance, further contributing to the illusion of credibility surrounding the scam.

BTCUSD still stuck in the $26K territory. Chart: TradingView.com

Rise Of Crypto Scams And Rug Pulls

The alarming case of Morgan DF Fintoch is just one among many recent incidents that have highlighted the growing prevalence of crypto scams and rug pulls within the cryptocurrency ecosystem. As the popularity of digital assets continues to surge, so does the appeal for malicious actors seeking to exploit unsuspecting investors for their personal gain.

Regulatory authorities are actively working to establish clearer guidelines and stricter regulations to combat crypto scams. By setting higher standards for project audits, licensing requirements, and transparent disclosures, regulators aim to create a more secure environment for investors to navigate the crypto landscape.

-Featured image from Financial Times

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