The multichain protocol has been compelled to block all cross-chain services for the sake of safeguarding the interests of connected users. At the present moment in time, the protocol is going through a rough patch of functional interruptions because of factors they were completely unaware of. This important bit of information was received through a formal statement made by MultichainOrg. All of this means that it will not be possible to make calls to the chains that have been impacted. Incidentally, the Multichain protocol was previously known by the name, Anyswap. 

The primary issue that the company seems to be facing is the fact that currently, the CEO, Zhaojun, is simply incommunicado. This is leading to difficulties in getting connected to the servers for the purpose of carrying out the maintenance processes that are the need of the hour. This is what is causing an immense amount of inconvenience where adequately neutralizing the situation is concerned. 

As a recently released report suggests, the team seems to have been able to identify a glitch pertaining to the Router5 scanning node network. Due to this, the normal functioning related to the cross-chain service of various chains has been adversely affected. With all of these occurrences being beyond the team, they have, with immediate effect, blocked all of the cross-chain services pertaining to the affected chain that is on the user interface. A situation much like this also occurred a short while back in the case of Router 2. 

These technical issues are responsible for the negative impact they have had on various chains. To name some of the chains are the Kekchain, as well as PublicMint, Dyno Chain, Red Light Chain, Dexit, and Ekta. There is also the HPB, the ONUS, Omax, Findora, and Planq. All of these mentioned chains are going through their own set of hiccups.

In this regard, the team has reached out to the users with the request of temporarily avoiding the calling to the Multichain protocol smart contracts, as well as the impacted chains, for the purpose of carrying out cross-chain activities. Presently, the entire team is actively involved in rectifying the situation and is confident they will come out of it unscathed. 

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