PEPE, the frog-meme coin, has become the best performer in the crypto market for some time. But its incredible surge halted recently with considerable declines concerning the investors. Luckily, the meme-coin returns to the gaining position to relieve the worries. And the new crypto, WERX, keeps achieving more milestones with increased interest among enthusiasts.

Well-Hyped PEPE Becomes Profitable, Again!

PEPE skyrocketed its market cap to nearly $2B from a mere $1M mark at its peak a week ago. However, the asset experienced a massive downfall from the apex, losing nearly half of the capital. And it severely concerned many investors and analysts as the volatility may affect the entire space.

But the meme coin quickly emerged to recover some of the caps following the weekends. Excessive craze regarding the crypto made Binance and BitMex list the asset. And the positive news pumped up the increase, overcoming the straightforward fall.

The last 24-hour volume measures $356M, covering nearly 54% of the current capital. Also, the price gains are close to 20% simultaneously, keeping the net weekly loss at 10%. At the time of writing, PEPE kept balanced ups and downs, trading at $0.000001693.

Uwerx (WERX): A Creative Collaboration and A Profitable Investment

There has been a significant increase in the demands of freelancers since the 2010s. Nearly 4 million freelancers have joined the economy since 2014, representing 35% of the US workforce. Many businesses have already become comfortable with remote workers.

And it led to increased use of freelancing platforms, getting them mainstream attention. But freelancers are to overcome potential concerns of working on such platforms. A study suggests that 40% of millennials and 53% of Gen Z are more willing to enter the freelance world.

Uwerx is a one-of-a-kind freelance platform with a mere 1% transaction fee, unlike the standard 10% – 20% fees. The blockchain-based system lets every freelancer receive tasks and payments using its native crypto token, WERX, right on the hub.

The platform is currently running presales, creating a significant buzz in the freelancing and crypto industry. Freelancers can benefit from the custom advanced, unique, and substantive features. Early investors can multiply their money to an impressive extent using the token.

WERX presales entered its fourth stage, selling at $0.0315 per token with a 20% bonus on each purchase (for new customers only). The hard-cap presale will wrap up on July 31, 2023, after activating the lock-up liquidity for 25 years, letting the users enjoy a safe investment.

Uwerx has already unveiled a vault to store and lock purchased tokens on varying periods as long-term investments. CoinSniper and Uniswap recognized the enormous potential of Uwerx and decided to list the asset. Enthusiasts also started to understand the opportunity.

That’s why Uwerx successfully exceeded 5000 signups with over 1000 followers on Twitter. As the first stage of the Alpha platform with signup and landing pages will go live on Friday (May 19, 2023), the number of signups and the active following will likely hit the roof.

Make Your Bet on the Ongoing WERX Presales

Full-scale audit by InterFi Network and SolidProof confirmed superior security to attain customer trust. Uwerx also values and respects customer opinions, as proved by the Test Airdrop and Team Tokens Lock decisions.

The team will incorporate a Test Airdrop for all holders, as 98.2% of voters chose it on Twitter. Meantime, 82.8% of voters opted for immediate team locking of tokens, not at the end of presales. And the team will announce the date of locking as soon as possible.

The opening of the Alpha version will follow the subsequent release of other features and pages over a period based on the feedback. The renouncement of contract ownership will ensure transparency and fewer tax-related issues once Uwerx gets launched on centralized exchanges.

Incredible response and increased demands also made the team change the five token allocations:

  1. Presale: An increase to 57% from 45% to renew confidence.
  2. Founding Team: A reduction to 7% from 8% to prioritize user benefits.
  3. Partnership incentives: A reduction to 3% from 7.5% after reviewing new information.
  4. User performance incentives: A decrease to 6.5% from 15%.
  5. Joining incentives: An increase to 6.5% from 4.5% to attract more users.

Crypto analysts predicted exponential growth of WERX, getting to the $2.20 to $3.00 mark by the third quarter of 2023. So, early investors are looking into a boom in the coming months. Maybe it’s time to check out the presales, as most of the crypto gain is made from presales.

Use either of the following links to join WERX presales:

Presale | Telegram | Twitter | Website

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