BNB Chain has announced that its opBNB Mainnet is now live for public access. The layer-2 solution is an EVM-compatible project that brings the advantages of near-instant transactions and low fees. opBNB has been built on the Optimism OP Stack. The idea behind lowering the gas fees is to ensure blockchain technology gains access to everyone.

BNB Chain’s launch of opBNB follows the kind of performance that the layer-2 solution delivered during its testing phase. To start with, opBNB’s testnet version was able to handle 100-150k transactions every day. Next, it reached a point where over 86,000 blocks were processed daily. opBNB houses more than 6,000 active users daily while clocking a fast block time of almost 1 second.

Simply put, the performance of opBNB during the test phase has been phenomenal. This has been done to the extent that BNB Chain has decided to make the project available to people. The Mainnet version drives high on its results while under development.

There are still 150+ decentralized applications deployed on the network, with many more confirmed to make their presence felt. opBNB has connected 435,972 unique wallet addresses and processed more than 35 million on-chain transactions.

opBNB going live on the mainnet aligns with the mission of onboarding the next million users of Web3. The BNB Chain continues to achieve that mission. For this, it has proposed a total of four core features. These are:

  • Full nodes to verify opBNB transaction data
  • Making available the multisig wallet for smart contract upgradation
  • Driving the gas fees to the lowest point with an average of 0.2 gwei
  • Following a trustless approach with no sequencer assumptions

In the official announcement, BNB Chain referred to this as a major milestone and emphasized that the architecture of opBNB was explicitly designed to accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology. It will accomplish this by reducing gas prices and making the technology accessible to all. BNB Chain has also stated that this is central to their enterprise’s mission. opBNB will support the community of builders and developers with monetary and non-monetary incentives.

Monetary incentives include Gas Grants and Builder Grants. Non-monetary incentives will be offered through the Liquidity Program, Kickstart, and assistance in marketing.

In addition, the developer and builder community will have access to technical support and developer tutorials.

The community has responded positively to this development, with some members congratulating the team for this advancement. Others have expressed their optimism by saying that the future is indeed bright for opBNB by BNB Chain.

Some criteria that opBNB had to meet before going live were higher availability, conducting a campaign for stress tests, economical gas costs, 4,000 transactions every second, and a continuous security audit. Needless to say, opBNB has met all these requirements before going live on the mainnet.

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