Polkadot (DOT) Makes Cardano Announcement, What Does It Relate To?
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The Polkadot network just made an exciting Cardano-related announcement.

Polkadot announced in a tweet that Cardano will leverage Substrate, the Polkadot SDK’s base, to build out its “partner chain” project. This utility, it says, will demonstrate Substrate’s ability to expand across Web3 as well as its ease of use for other chains and ecosystems.

Substrate is the core blockchain SDK that developers utilize to build the parachains that comprise the Polkadot network. Furthermore, it enables the creation of self-sovereign blockchains that run independently of Polkadot.

Cardano creator Charles Hoskinson recently announced a new architecture that would offer builders new ways to use Cardano’s basic features and new Cardano technology to build their own optimized partner chains at the recent Cardano Summit 2023.

Cardano is designed with the Cardano Settlement Layer (CSL) separated from the Cardano Computation Layer (CCL). The CSL serves as the ultimate cross-chain settlement layer in this case.

Networks will be able to develop their computation layer with partner chains, employing a modular framework and existing components, while still relying on the CSL for cross-chain settlement.

By integrating modular blockchain technology with Cardano’s security, liquidity and reliability, partner chains expect to transform how new blockchains are built and run.

Midnight, an IOG data protection-focused blockchain that was just unveiled, will be the first partner chain to deploy this new framework.

The collaboration between Cardano and Polkadot could bode well for both blockchain platforms, as it would oversee the launch of additional blockchains, ushering in a new era in the crypto sector.

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