We all know the crypto market for being dynamic and uncertain and for providing investors with massive investment opportunities. Many cryptocurrency investors are awaiting the next bull run in 2024, expecting similar trends witnessed in previous years.

When it comes to crypto, there are no experts who can predict the future with a 100% guarantee, but we can certainly identify potential currencies that are promising for another bullish market in 2024. In this article, we will discuss the crypto known as Quant (QNT) and its growth potential in 2024.

The Cryptocurrency Landscape in 2024

The Securities and Exchange Commission, along with other regulatory bodies around the world, have been working on their regulatory measures for 2024 since the last two years have witnessed many bankruptcies and fraud cases surrounding the crypto landscape. Even with controversies related to the crypto regulatory landscape, many members of the crypto community are hopeful that 2024 will bring a new bullish market, especially after the Bitcoin halving event.

Ethereum’s transition to Ethereum 2.0, US Federal Reserve rate hikes, top cryptocurrencies losing their value, the bankruptcy of crypto exchanges, and the risk of loan defaults are some of the recent events that have shaped the crypto market. These factors have developed both positive and negative outlooks towards the crypto market among investors.

While the impact of a majority of the factors is likely to persist a few years down the line, others believe that the market is filled with varying predictions.

Understanding Quant (QNT)

Quant (QNT) is a cryptocurrency blockchain project that enables interoperability and seamless exchanges of virtual data and assets across various blockchain networks. Quant aims to address a few key challenges that exist in the crypto world, such as scalability, security, and interoperability.

The Quant technology uses Overledger, which connects various networks, blockchain distributed ledger technologies, and blockchains. The Overledger technology is a middle layer immediately above the blockchains, allowing them to share information and communicate. The technology has different applications across industries, including supply chain, healthcare, finance, and more. Quant also allows secure data sharing, reduces friction for cross-border transactions, and streamlines processes. 

Quant has made several developments in the blockchain space with the unveiling of its own NFT standard, QRC 721, focusing on interoperability and security. Another significant milestone Quant recently achieved is when it crossed 90,000 active wallets, with 13,000 new wallets added in a week in 2022, giving the Quant network a massive boost and increasing its blockchain activities.

Will Quant grow in 2024?

Launched in 2018, Quant traded at around $0.25, and it continued to trade in an upward direction. In 2021, the token hit an ATH of $428.38 in September 2021, later falling to $100 in 2022. QNT continued massive profit booking, and the price continued to decline, and now it has reached less than the $1 mark.

According to our Quant price prediction and based on the current market cap of $1,570,424,430, the crypto may strike an average value of $194.81 in 2024. There is a mixed pattern or trend when it comes to Quant investments, as there is both risk and reward associated with QNT.

The minimum and maximum prices may range between $159.71 and $229.91 in 2024, making QNT a fairly good investment opportunity and reflecting an increasing tendency compared to last year. It is a promising crypto project, but it may have some risks associated. Hence, investors must conduct due diligence, research, and analysis before buying QNT tokens.


There may be many cryptocurrencies shining in the year 2024, and one of them is definitely Quant crypto. The QNT token is expected to continue to grow in its value. Many experts are extremely optimistic about Quant investments for the coming year and long-term as well, with values skyrocketing as the demand for Quant tokens increases.

However, although the current achievements and milestones may have positioned Quant as the leader in the crypto market, investors must carry out research and keep a close eye on the QNT developments before making any investment decisions.

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