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Financial author and entrepreneur Robert Kiyosaki has declared end of fiat money as we know it, advocating for future where cryptocurrencies reign supreme

Robert Kiyosaki, the financial guru and author of the best-selling book “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” recently took to X (formerly Twitter) to declare that fiat money is “toast” and that crypto is the future.

However, Kiyosaki’s prediction is not without its detractors, especially considering his controversial past in financial advice and legal matters.

Vibrant crypto hub

Kiyosaki posted his prediction while attending a massive cryptocurrency conference in Singapore. Held this September, TOKEN2049 is poised to be a focal point for the cryptocurrency community, offering meetups, workshops and various side events, including Formula 1 Racing.

The conference aims to gather the most influential figures, projects and companies in the crypto space, promising to turn Singapore into a bustling hub for crypto dialogue and innovation.

Kiyosaki’s controversial brand

As reported by U.Today, the financial guru frequently comes up with bombastic and outlandish statements about the imminent end of the dollar and the rise of alternative financial assets of the likes of gold and Bitcoin.

Though Kiyosaki has amassed a fortune through his financial advice books and seminars, his approach and business practices have not been without controversy. The entrepreneur has faced multiple bankruptcies as well as a series of fraud claims questioning the validity of his financial advice.

Skeptics also question Kiyosaki’s involvement in multi-level marketing schemes. However, he remains a popular voice among far-right activists.

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