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Popular Swiss crypto wallet maker that works with SBI Group and Shiba Inu teases new update

Swiss-based producer of hardware crypto wallets Tangem has announced that in just in two weeks – in October – it intends to launch a new update to make it easier for users to manage their crypto in their wallets.

SHIB wallet teases utility update

Even though the update is not big, however, it is important for the convenience of utilizing cryptocurrency wallets. According to Tangem’s X post, they have solved the problem of “a messy cryptocurrency portfolio” in users’ wallets and are about to add a function to help wallet owners sort their cryptos as they see fit.

Earlier this year, Tangem inked a strategic partnership with Shiba Inu, releasing the first batch of SHIB-branded crypto wallets, which amounted to 5,000. These wallets are sized as bank cards and allow users to store more than 6,000 cryptocurrencies, including SHIB.

SHIB, Ripple and Tangem 

In August, Tangem spread the word that another 5,000 wallet batch was ready for sale after the first shipment had been grabbed up by users pretty fast. Launching those wallets in a partnership with the renowned wallet maker took SHIB to a new level, along with the sponsorship of the Blockchain Futurist Conference that followed on Aug. 15-16, setting SHIB on the same level as leading crypto companies and exchanges.

During that conference, the team finally launched the long-awaited Layer-2 blockchain, Shibarium, which has attracted thousands of projects. Besides, the SHIB team is also busy creating its metaverse; several of its hubs have already been presented to a loyal and supportive SHIB community.

Besides, in 2019, Ripple’s biggest partner in Japan, SBI Group, invested a hefty $15 million in Tangem wallet. The wallet maker then stated that this investment would help the company expand its business to the sphere of stablecoins, ICOs, digital identity, etc.

Here’s when BONE price will recover, per SHIB official

In a recent X post by the official marketing expert of the Shiba Inu team, @LucieSHIB, she has been receiving a lot of direct messages “from concerned individuals,” who asked her if there was any truth in the recently spread FUD about SHIB and Shibarium.

Lucie responded that “the market is the market, and FUD is just a bunch of desperate losers attempting to peddle their questionable coins from their mom’s basements.”

She stated that SHIB is positioning itself strategically for the approaching bull run on the cryptocurrency market. The team is focusing on “serious projects, not quick pumps and dumps.” As for the BONE token’s price, which is in decline at the moment, Lucie believes that it will begin recovering “once Shibarium is established.”

She also warned the community against selling SHIB and other Shibarium tokens on decline and from jumping into “new hype coins,” which may only lead to continuous losses, she stated.

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