Chief executive of Ripple posts tweet that draws attention of XRP and PEPE communities

Ripple CTO Surprises XRP and PEPE Communities With Cryptic Tweet
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In his recent X post, the chief technology officer of Ripple Labs, David Schwartz, published a picture of a frog sitting on the leaf of a lily pad, with a water lily flower on each side of the frog.

This promptly triggered the reaction of the crypto community – mainly that of the XRP and PEPE armies. However, there was also a response from a Pond Coin-themed X account.

Cryptic tweet by Schwartz sets community in motion

The crypto community did not pass the Ripple CTO’s tweet unnoticed. XRP fans tweeted things like “I hope that decodes into life changing XRP price” and “The quantum ‘jump’ or ‘kaboom.'”

User @albus114 cited David Schwartz’s tweet from 2021, where he stated that “the XRPL is the OG DEX and could leapfrog other DEXes by offering novel Automated Market Makers (AMMs),” and asked “how high,” referring to “leapfrogging” here.

A PEPE-themed X account, @xPEPENFT, stated that the Ripple CTO has finally “come to his senses” and posted “a bullish flag for frog lovers everywhere.”

X account @Oashkar7, which seems to be a fan of Pond Coin (PNDC), commented to say: “Welcome aboard Sir.” This X user added an image of two frogs on the moon with a PondX logo on it.

XRP price action, Ripple moves millions of XRP

On Tuesday, Oct. 25, Ripple-affiliated XRP coin experienced a massive rise of over 7%, reaching the $0.58060 level. However, within the past 24 hours, the coin’s price has slumped by 6.08%, going down to $0.54531, where it is currently exchanging hands.

According to the X post from popular blockchain sleuth Whale Alert, over the span of the last 24 hours, an anonymous wallet transferred 26,800,000 XRP in all to major EU-based Bitstamp exchange.

Data shared by the XRP explorer Bithomp has revealed that the sender’s address was connected to Ripple Labs blockchain decacorn.

Recently, Ripple has been sending between 26,000,000 and 30,000,000 XRP from the same crypto wallet to Bitstamp regularly, making several transfers per week. Whale Alert marks this wallet as an “unknown one.”

PEPE price skyrockets over enormous burn

On Monday, trendy PEPE meme coin, inspired by popular Internet meme Pepe the Frog, showed a jaw-dropping spike of 32.25%, reaching the $0.0000010410 level. It was triggered by the massive growth of Bitcoin, which fueled the overall growth of prices in the crypto market, including meme coins – DOGE, SHIB, PEPE, etc. Besides, on Monday, an enormous amount of PEPE was sent to dead-end wallets.

According to an X post, 6.9 trillion PEPE coins were burned. That is roughly $6,000,000. Since that price surge, PEPE has slumped by 4.23%, but the coin keeps making attempts to rise further.

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