Ripple Developers Bootstrap AI Protocol ChatXRP: Details
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Ripple developers appear to be in search of quick pivots into the Artificial Intelligence (AI) scene after bootstrapping ChatXRP, one of the top promising start-ups on the XRP Ledger (XRPL). As unveiled on X, ChatXRP is one of the recipients of the $1.3 million grant to start-ups building on XRPL and, in fact, the only AI protocol.

Choosing ChatXRP is easy as the protocol is developing innovative solutions to optimize communication on XRPL. ChatXRP offers a simple but important value proposition, which is to transform XRPL interaction and provide seamless access to Web3 services through a simple interface. 

The ChatXRP team got a $75,000 seed boost with a commitment to see more support as a crucial part of the XRPL. It is worth noting that ChatXRP has a first-mover advantage as an XRPL protocol considering the Ripple-backed network is in its infancy and very focused on promoting applications that can contribute to its mission.

ChatXRP’s recognition comes at a time when the clamor around AI and blockchain fusion is gaining unique momentum. While competing chains like Cardano (ADA) have their AI projects, including SingularityNET, ChatXRP will assume the de facto pioneering AI dApp within the XRPL ecosystem.

XRPL’s outlook and prospects

XRPL is notably undergoing a very promising overhaul that will see more use cases make their way in a bid to serve users. One prominent trend observed in recent times is the series of new upgrades through successful governance voting the outfit has recorded recently.

With such amendments targeted at fixing NFT reminting as well as the impacts of reduced offers on its native AMMs, a major push to new heights has been unleashed. As a major boost to the encompassing efforts from the developers, the Xahau sidechain is also gaining the right momentum, first by launching on mainnet, and also by welcoming its first dApp.

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