A set of new partnerships, initiatives, and a legal victory over the SEC lawsuit have bolstered Ripple’s position in the crypto market, fuelling a price rally. It has been rated as one of the altcoins to watch out for as analysts feel the current surge in its price could extend to 2024 as well. 

Meanwhile, another altcoin that has captured analysts’ attention is InQubeta (QUBE), a decentralized crowdfunding platform for startups working with artificial intelligence (AI). 

The platform has set the crypto-verse abuzz with its cutting-edge features that can drive the launch of impactful AI solutions. Another reason why experts cannot stop talking about InQubeta is because of its presale growth. 

Having just reached its fifth presale stage, InQubeta has already raked in $4.3 million and has secured a spot on every analyst’s best cryptocurrency ICO list with this milestone.

InQubeta: An investment in the future of AI

InQubeta may have been launched just a few months ago, but in this short period, it has managed to attract both analysts as well as crypto users because of its innovative model. 

While bringing bright startup ideas and eager investors on the same platform, it is building the future of AI. The platform’s native cryptocurrency, the QUBE token, determines all transactions and payments to ensure hassle-free interactions between startups and investors. 

The QUBE token can be bought on presale currently, and whales have been busy accumulating huge volumes. 

The QUBE token is a utility-backed cryptocurrency. Given how it plays a key part in the platform’s operations and protecting users’ interests, it’s one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy in today’s market. The token’s total available supply is 1.5 billion, and 65% is set aside for presale stages. 

The remaining 35% of the tokens are split between different use cases to support the platform’s future growth. These use cases include funding marketing activities, paying legal fees, and maintaining the liquidity and rewards pools. 

QUBE is a unique asset that helps you earn extra passive income as well via staking. By staking their assets, crypto users can operate as validators who authenticate transactions on the network and contribute to its security. For their efforts, the InQubeta team rewards them with cryptocurrency. 

The QUBE token also has a deflationary model where price fluctuations are minimized by regulating token supply and always keeping it less than the market demand. As the supply stays scarce, the token value remains unaffected by inflationary tendencies or when the markets are volatile. 

If the supply goes beyond a stipulated level, it’s reduced by burning additional tokens. This usually occurs when there are a lot of transactions of QUBE tokens, as it attracts a small tax that has to be paid in terms of QUBE tokens. Whenever a person sells or buys tokens, the team burns a small portion of the tax proceeds accruing from such transactions. 

The top altcoin is also used for governance of the platform, where token holders get special privileges for voting for or against proposals moved by community members. 

In a decentralized governance structure like InQubeta’s, community members have the leeway to pitch changes that they feel can improve the platform’s potential.

Ripple joins hands with the National Bank of Georgia for digital lari

Ripple is a decentralized platform offering blockchain-based solutions for business growth. These solutions can help enterprises cut down costs, reduce capital consumption, and explore new audience groups and revenue streams. 

Powered by the XRP Ledger technology, Ripple also has a CBDC platform that assists central banks with the issuance of digital currencies. Its native token is XRP, and has frequently featured as a top ten cryptocurrency in the past few years.

In a recent development, Ripple was selected by the National Bank of Georgia (NBG) as its technology partner for developing its central bank digital currency project, ‘lari’. 

Ripple stated that under the partnership, it would be helping NBG with deploying the digital lari project via its CBDC platform. The NBG would use Ripple’s technology to assess the potential capabilities of digital lari. 

Analysts believe that XRP could lead a major altcoin rally shortly as whales have been busy accumulating it for a while now. 


Ripple and InQubeta are innovating rapidly to make blockchain-powered assets more accessible to regular crypto users and firms and can also end their worries about what cryptos to buy now. 

Their models complement advancements in technologies like blockchain and AI to bring the benefits of digital revolution technologies closer to the common public. 

These two cryptocurrencies have proved their mettle with their strong performance over the past few months, and analysts are hopeful of their potential to extend users’ long-term gains. However, remember to diversify and never invest a huge amount in a single token to ensure risk management in the long term.

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