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Arman Shirinyan

Company’s international counsel believes senator is not telling whole story

A recent exchange between Senator Elizabeth Warren and Susan Friedman, counsel at Ripple International Policy, showcased their differing views on the U.S. government’s response to the crypto industry. Senator Warren criticized the government for prioritizing billion-dollar crypto firms over struggling student loan borrowers, while Friedman argued that the government’s actions were not solely focused on the crypto industry.

Senator Warren expressed her concerns about the perceived inequity in the government’s handling of different financial sectors, particularly in the context of the ongoing student loan crisis. She suggested that the American people may be skeptical of a system that appears to prioritize the interests of crypto firms over those of student loan borrowers.

In response, Susan Friedman, counsel at Ripple International Policy, disagreed with Senator Warren’s characterization of the government’s actions. She argued that the government’s decision to protect depositors was not an attempt to save the crypto industry. Instead, Friedman emphasized that the decision affected a diverse group of businesses and individuals, including the crypto sector, as just one part of a larger picture.



Friedman called for a more nuanced understanding of the situation and urged elected officials to avoid relying on sensational headlines that fail to capture the complexity of the issue. She believes that it is essential to have a more accurate and balanced understanding of the government’s actions in order to engage in constructive dialogue.

The exchange between Senator Warren and Susan Friedman highlights the ongoing debate about the role of cryptocurrencies in the financial system and the government’s responsibility to support different industries. While Senator Warren’s concerns reflect the skepticism that many Americans feel about the priorities of the financial system, Friedman’s response underscores the need for a more comprehensive and balanced perspective on the matter.

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