Rise In (formerly Patika.dev) community of developers announces acquisition of BlockBeam to advance process of engineer onboarding

A newly announced acquisition is set to help Rise In and its partners access the top colleges and universities globally and educate the next generation of Web3 developers in the United States.

Rise In acquires U.S. edtech platform BlockBeam

Rise In, a top-tier educational platform that introduces the Web3 ecosystem to Web2 developers, concludes the process of acquisition of BlockBeam, one of the largest edtech mechanisms in the sector. With this acquisition, Rise In explodes onto U.S. market.

BlockBeam is among the pioneering Web3-centric edtechs. It scored an array of partnerships with 90+ university blockchain clubs, including Princeton Blockchain Club, Blockchain at Berkeley and Harvard Blockchain.

Thanks to this acquisition, Rise In and its current partners will be able to work directly with students at the top educational organizations in the United States.

Gulcan Yayla, cofounder and CEO of Rise In, highlights that the acquisition becomes possible thanks to the joint mission of the two companies and shared understanding of Web2-to-Web3 onboarding mechanisms:

We met with BlockBeam in 2022, when we were both experimenting with the best methods to train talent on blockchain and Web3. We are passionate about providing a structured and easy-to-follow onboarding process for developers, leading to a meaningful career. Seeing the same passion in the BlockBeam team and their close relationship with the university clubs helped us make the acquisition decision. This way we’ll help our partners reach some of the best Web3 talent in the world.

As such, Rise In will provide free-of-charge Web3 education in partnership with the biggest blockchain ecosystems in the world.

Internship program for college students kicks off soon

The cofounder of BlockBeam, Drew Cousin, is sure that after the acquisition, his company will continue its journey of creating the largest Web3 communities:

It was important to us that an acquirer was able to not only carry the torch but increase the value BlockBeam created for talent and our partners. We are excited to see Rise In continue to generate opportunities for talent and companies, and to accelerate US expansion with our assets.

Rise In was launched by Turkish-founded Patika.dev in September 2023. It operates an e-learning and bootcamp management platform with 200,000+ Web2 developers, growing day by day. 

Rise In has already onboarded 25,000+ of them, from 90+ countries, to Web3 through online courses and bootcamps. It has already partnered with leading Web3 institutions such as Solana, BNB Chain, Polkadot, Sui, Internet Computer and Ethereum Foundation.

Also, as over 30% of its attendees are college students, Rise In is going to launch a massive internship program for them.

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