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Yuri Molchan

After the stir caused by the recent Ledger upgrade for their wallets, the Shiba Inu dev team are happy they chose another wallet maker for building their cold wallet


Shiba ecosystem official and content marketing specialist @LucieSHIB has taken to Twitter to share her take on the recent story of Ledger wallet “innovation” and to add that the SHIB team had made the right decision not to partner with this company to create their SHIB cold wallet.

The Shiba Inu team of developers spearheaded by pseudonymous Shytoshi Kusama have chosen Tangem wallet maker as basis for their customized cold wallet.

Ledger team has announced that they intend to implement a new security feature that will ensure that users’ seed phrases will be split in parts, encrypted and sent to three devices. The crypto community is concerned that now hackers will take advantage of this and the company has faced a massive outflow of customers.

SHIB cold wallet to hold 6,000 cryptocurrencies

Over the weekend, Lucie shared details of the features this wallet is going to have. It will support more than 6,000 cryptocurrencies, will provide access to NFTs, dexes and DeFi for users. No transaction fees will be charged by the wallet and it will not require the submission of users’ personal data.

It will not require batteries or cables and will work via mobile phone.

This wallet becomes 5th biggest SHIB holder

As covered by U.Today earlier, an anonymous whale received four consecutive crypto transactions, which carried 5 trillion Shiba Inu each. Now, this wallet holds a whopping 20 trillion SHIB and turned into the fifth biggest holder of this popular meme cryptocurrency.

These transfers were preceded by several transfers of Dogecoin together comprising an astounding 3.4 billion worth $248 million. These meme coin lumps went to the same wallet as above, so now the fifth largest holder of SHIB and DOGE is the same entity.

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