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Yuri Molchan

Word spread about Certik downgrading SHIB’s security rating


Major SHIB-themed account @ShibBPP has tweeted that major blockchain security platform Certik has downgraded SHIB from the AAA list of cryptos where it had been previously.

Now, the major meme digital currency has fallen to the security score position ranked 51 on their scale.

The SHIB community is concerned that there have been no upgrades on Shibarium recently and hopes that they will start coming in soon. Despite the recent message of Kusama on Telegram, promising “many updates,” there have been none so far.

SHIB’s security score downgraded

Currently, the security score of second largest meme coin Shiba Inu sits in position 51 on Certik. This is already the second page of the list and is rated AA rather than AAA, which it used to have.

According to a detailed chart by Certik, earlier this month, SHIB even went down lower, to 57th place. But now it is back to 51st. The exact security score of the coin is now 93.67. Its social sentiment index stands at 79 out of 100 (labelled as “mostly positive”), and the market sentiment index is 53 out of 100 (marked by the platform as “neutral”).

Shiba Inu has demonstrated a rise in its number of holders. Recently, the total holder count rose to 2,387,785, adding 673 holders.

Shytoshi promises “many updates”

As covered by U.Today earlier this month, the mysterious leader of Shiba Inu developers, Shytoshi Kusama, stated in the Shibarium Tech Telegram chat room that he and his team are very excited about the future of SHIB and its Layer 2 network and promised that there will be many updates soon as they “move fast on all fronts okay.”

Prior to that, one of the administrators of the chat also stated that there were many things coming up, but he was unable to unveil details and recommended that the community wait for official announcements.

In the meantime, the community keeps asking Shytoshi in the chatroom “wen Shibarium?” (meaning, when will the launch occur of the mainnet that originally promised to take off in May) and “wen updates?”

Overall, Shytoshi recently claimed that his words about launching the Shibarium mainnet in May were taken out of context, and now he and his team are focused on work but not on any particular dates.

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