Shiba Inu Lead Developer Shytoshi Kusama has briefly highlighted plans for the LEASH token that would advance the SHIB ecosystem and cater to the needs of community members. 

Shiba Inu Update Unveiled

A SHIB X (formerly Twitter) account, Kuro Shibaarmy JPN recently released a statement made by Shiba Inu’s Lead Developer, Shytoshi Kusama on the Shibarium project building telegram account.  

When asked about the plans he had in store for the LEASH token, Kusama responded by stating a brief outline of his vision for the token and the community. He said that he was working towards creating a solid framework that would effectively provide transparency and insight regarding all the plans, products, and platforms actively using the LEASH token. 

From his statement, this update represents an important step for the development and evolution of the SHIB ecosystem. Kusama explained that the framework was only the beginning of his plans for the LEASH token and he looks forward to more developments in other tokens affiliated with Shibarium such as SHIB and BONE

“My plan is to build a framework that expresses to the community what YOUR plans, products, and platforms that use leash are,” Kusama stated. 

He added, “This is the quiet before the typhoon and I can’t wait to learn about all the fantastic projects building with Leash, Shib, Bone or launching on Shibarium.”

SHIB Community Member Says LEASH Token Is Undervalued

LEASH token, one of the several offshoots of Shiba Inu, is a decentralized digital currency operating on the Ethereum blockchain. This token is part of the Shibarium ecosystem similar to SHIB and BONE. 

One of the main features of the LEASH token is its use as collateral for loans within the Shibarium ecosystem. It also has a limited supply which increases its value and creates a sense of exclusivity for LEASH holders. 

According to a prominent X SHIB enthusiast and shib metaverse landowner, Mike Shib, the LEASH token is severely undervalued. He explained several unique features of LEASH, including its ability to give holders voting power within the ecosystem. 

He also encouraged community members to become actively involved in the SHIB ecosystem by purchasing and making use of LEASH, while also working together to build an all-encompassing space for everyone within the community.

“Together, we can build the best chain in the world. $leash is always one of my favorites. it’s really undervalued. Like shy said. Make use of it. I see a lot of people building around $bone and $shib. But $leash gives exclusivity,” Shib Mike stated.

Shiba Inu price chart from (SHIB lead dev)

SHIB price stalls above $0.0000072 | Source: SHIBUSD on

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