The Shiba Inu ecosystem continues to be a bubbling hub of activities with new projects and innovations coming out of the woodwork. The latest addition to this thriving ecosystem is “The SHIB” magazine, and many SHIB community members and crypto enthusiasts are looking forward to what this new publication brings to the ecosystem. 

The Shiba Inu Magazine Takes Off

The SHIB community has been brimming with excitement following the launch of ‘The SHIB,’ an exclusive magazine for the Shiba Inu ecosystem and the broader crypto community. Lucie, Shiba Inu’s market specialist made the official announcement of the release of The SHIB in an X (formerly Twitter) post on November 7.

The publication marks a significant step forward for the Shibarium ecosystem as it serves as a gateway for crypto enthusiasts to obtain accurate and insightful information on Shiba Inu’s growth and evolution as well as the latest updates on disruptive blockchain technology and crypto industry developments. 

The magazine will also cover a wide range of topics including Shibarium product updates and developments, community updates, trending tokens, exclusive interviews with key figures in the crypto industry, and entertainment events in the Shib ecosystem. 

The SHIB magazine has also incorporated special features for users including a Non-fungible Token (NFT) minting feature which allows users to mint the cover of the newest edition of The SHIB magazine. Users can also collect many of these minted NFTs and trade them later.

Additionally, the SHIB team has launched their Shib Name Service (SNS) allowing users to get their personalized SHIB names which come with a privacy feature that safeguards their online identity and allows easier access to The SHIB. 

‘The SHIB’ On A Rocky Start

The highly welcomed Shiba Inu magazine, The SHIB has taken an unexpected turn as technical issues emerged following its release. 

A Shib community member, Kaal revealed that the self-custodial authentication system integrated into The SHIB magazine was having several technical difficulties which was negatively impacting the experience of users. 

“The newly introduced self-custodial authentication system as part of The Shib magazine is having some technical issues for some users, we are working towards fixing this as soon as possible,” Kaal stated. 

Lucie also informed users of other technical challenges in The SHIB platform. She explained that the website’s login feature was temporarily unavailable and apologized for the delay and inconvenience caused by the issue. 

Lucie assured SHIB community members that the technicalities were minor and promised to continually update members on the platform’s progress, adding that the Shib team was actively working towards solving the problem. 

“We want to inform you that our log-in feature is temporarily unavailable due to a minor issue on our website. Please rest assured that we are aware of the situation and our team is actively working to resolve it,” Lucie stated.

Shiba Inu price chart from (The SHIB)

SHIB price holding above $0.000008 | Source: SHIBUSD on

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