After a long stint of uncertainty and bearish sentiments, the crypto market might be back to its summer days. With certain notable surges across the market, optimism is at a record high among investors and whales. Aside from the BTC comeback, Solana price also recorded a massive 197% surge. While the oldies are at it, the new rocketing Pikamoon (PIKA) also continues its high-flying start, setting sights on potential 1,000% gains for investors this year. 

Here, we dive into the details of these bullish runs, what investing in SOL still offers, and Pikamoon’s chances of delivering 1000% ROI in 2023. 

Is the 197% Solana Price Surge Sign that the Bulls are Back?

Solana is a blockchain project popular for its exceptional high-speed transactions and low charges. Lately, SOL has significantly outshined its rivals in the crypto space after recording an incredible rally. Experts praise Solana’s efficiency and cost-effectiveness over other top projects like Ethereum.

This boost is in contrast to BTC and ETH recording modest rises of 32% and 38% respectively during the same period. At the time of writing, Solana is trading slightly above $66, demonstrating its increasing appeal among investors and developers within the blockchain world. 

The recent spike in Solana’s price not only emphasizes its appeal but also showcases the dynamic nature of the crypto market, where new projects can swiftly shift investment focus. Analysts are increasingly recognizing the value of efficient and scalable blockchain solutions, with Solana leading the charge

Pikamoon (PIKA) is Another Crypto Sensation Set for a Massive 1000% Price Rise This Year

Pikamoon is a fast-growing GameFi project with a distinct approach to GameFi. This project rewards gamers with crypto (NFTs or PIKA) when they build their empires by defeating monsters, successful bounty searches, and other gaming activities. In addition, Pikamoon delivers the most innovative perks and uses the latest technologies for better growth potential. 

Below are some of these features:

  • Pikamoon is Rewarding and Easily Accessible

Only a few GameFi projects can offer real rewards like Pikamoon. Plus, not many of them offer more accessibility compared to Pikamoon. This play-to-earn project is accessible to every Metaverse gamer both online and offline. That seamless access means gamers can play wherever they are, with or without internet access. This easy usage increases PIKA’s use, demand, and its chances of delivering better 1000% returns to investors.

  • Leverages Advanced Technologies

Pikamoon (PIKA) strategically builds its project on the solid foundation of the Ethereum blockchain, harnessing the inherent benefits of this powerful network. Ethereum provides Pikamoon with a distinct advantage in the NFT space and offers ample room for seamless expansion.

Further reinforcing its technological prowess, Pikamoon’s marketplace leverages Transak technology, ensuring the effortless exchange of rewards to fiat or other cryptocurrencies. With these advanced technologies in play, Pikamoon and PIKA secure robust support for expansion, consistently rewarding investors with sustained profits.

  • The Growth, Price Momentum, and Incredible Returns are Constant

Pikamoon price performance is set to compete with top altcoins like Solana thanks to the project plan to accommodate continuous growth by adding more features. The team behind this project ensures PIKA never loses its positive price momentum by separating 32% of the tokens minted to fund the continuous additions and other marketing moves.

Pikamoon’s Beta Version Release Comes with Higher Hype and Better Profit Potential 

While the SOL price rise continues, Pikamoon has also boosted its potential with this latest move. Pikamoon has a community of over 10K Whitelisters, 20K Twitter followers, 10K Discord and Telegram members, and 100 ambassadors and influencers. This entire community is hyped to welcome the explosive potential that will come with the expected launch of the project’s P2E game Beta version.

This video on Pikamoon’s official X (formerly Twitter) account shows all the excitement the game will give gamers and how the PvP battle system runs. With such a high momentum, buying $PIKA now is a clearer path to explosive 1,000% gains this year.

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