This document serves as a comprehensive guide for prospective investors and business partners interested in attending Tbilisi Gaming Fest. The event will be held in Tbilisi, Georgia, on September 15, 2023.

Tbilisi Gaming Fest and Batumi Gaming Fest are two esteemed occasions for exploring business and investment opportunities in Georgia’s realm of land-based and online casino operations. These renowned events are meticulously crafted by Plasma 8 agency – a distinguished firm specializing in gaming business marketing and headquartered in Georgia.

In 2023, the festival will be held in Tbilisi at the premises of The Biltmore Hotel on September 15.

The gathering, set to bring together both local and international enterprises, is designated as the ideal platform for experts, industry stakeholders, and policymakers to share their knowledge and forge new alliances.

Tbilisi Gaming Fest is a business forum of an extraordinary format: a combination of a conference, a demo zone, and a series of entertainment events. 

Business event sections

  • Government & Regulators
  • Investors & Business Owners
  • Operators & Managers
  • Equipment & Software Producers
  • Legal Experts
  • Affiliates, Junket, Tourism & Marketing Agents
  • Payment Systems & Crypto
  • Real Estate Developers

The rapid development of the Georgian gaming business, along with the uniqueness of its geographical location, balanced legal base, and international politics, including an easy visa regime, provide strong advantages for the local gaming market’s growth and for the event to take a noticeable place in the international calendar of gaming trade shows.

The event is supported by local and international industry leaders: Grand Bellagio Casino Tbilisi is the general partner of the festival, and IGT, a New York listed global producer of slot machines and games, is the main sponsor. 

The festival will consist of two major parts: a conference, during which the industry leaders will share their experiences on various topics, and a demo zone, which will include casino equipment producers, software developers, gaming-related service companies, operators, and platform providers, as well as real estate developers offering business areas for gaming operations.

Notably, this gathering allows businessmen to forge new connections and elevate their industry acumen. Moreover, the common employee affiliated with the gaming sphere, or those merely contemplating a profession in this field, stand to gain from this occasion since several firms are expected to stage recruitment proceedings at their expo stalls.

A wide-ranging business itinerary is graced by many entertainment occasions tailored for expo invitees and delegates. Expo attendees will enjoy complimentary fun-poker games, while delegates can forge connections with their peers within the relaxed sphere of an after-party. 

During September, Tbilisi exudes an alluring charm, thus meriting a sojourn of a few days. In light of the surge in tourism pursuits, coupled with the swift evolution of the Georgian gaming fraternity, Tbilisi Gaming Fest commands attendance from within the industry’s fold.

Visit the website of the festival for more details:

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