Step inside the social casinos where the games get your heart racing, and the rewards keep you going. You get to bask in the nostalgia of old-school slot games while winning sweep coins you can put in for more gameplay. 

Read on as we unveil the best new social casinos featuring the best games, offering you the best rewards, and giving you the best feeling while allowing you to claim free sweep coins. A must have for all players is our exclusive bonus code of MIKBONUS, read on for more.

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Top New Sweepstakes & Social Casinos

Here is the list of the best new social casino sites you will find right up your alley. With robust games and perks, these online sweepstakes platforms will keep things interesting. 

  • – Play a Wide Range of Slot Games at This US-Based Casino
  • Sweeptastic – Overall Best New Social Casino Offering A Wide Range of Promotions
  • WOW Vegas – Get 5000 Coins Just for Joining Up 

Compare new sweeps cash casinos for Cash & Offers

Here we compare all the new sweep casinos based on their bonuses, games, and what they are best for.  

Sites Best for Bonus Offers Games Games and Community Chats Daily Login Bonuses, and Limited Time Bonuses. Welcome offer of $25 No Deposit + 250,000 Gold Coins + 5% Rakeback. Code MIKBONUS Slot Games, Live Dealers, Feature Spins, Table Games, Scratch Cards, Stake Originals, and more
Sweeptastic Daily bonuses and game quality 1000 Lucky Coins for logging in daily and perks to promote the site on social media platforms Slots, Card Games, Table Games, Video Poker, and Roulette
Wow Vegas Playing with Classic Slots Offers multiple promotions, including 30 sweepstakes coins +4.5 sweepstakes coins for free 400 Slots

Win Money Playing at New Sweepstakes Casinos

Many of the best new social casinos provide a rewarding experience in more ways than one. As you play them to win gold coins, some give you a way to turn these into real rewards. However, most are still here to provide you with a casino-like experience – their goal is just one, get you swept up in nostalgia by giving you thematic slots and games with a coin-dropping sound in the background giving you that authentic feel. 

How Does The Currency System Work?

Sweepstakes casinos and New Social Casinos have a dual virtual casino system, and depending on whether they reward you with real cash prizes, a third currency type emerges – cash.

  1. Sweeps Coins – You will encounter two types of virtual currencies in most social casinos. One is Gold Coin or GC, a virtual currency designed to help you get the best gaming experience. It doesn’t give you access to real rewards; for that, you will need sweeps coins, which you can use to redeem either cash or other prizes. 
  2. Sweeps Cash – Sweeps cash casinos are a name given to sweepstakes casinos that focus less on rewarding people with money and more on rewarding folks with a gambling experience. 
  3. Real Money – Sweep coins can be converted into real rewards. Sometimes these rewards are real money and other times, they are normal prizes. 

How Does The Coin System Work?

As you already know, two types of virtual currencies are at play on social casinos: gold Coins and Sweepcoins. Gold Coins have different names in several new social casinos. For Sweeptastic, for instance, Gold coins are known as Lucky coins. 

Lucky Coins will give you access to games, claim promotions and enter competitions. You can get them as daily bonuses by simply logging in every day. 

To get sweeps coins, you must participate in the promotions, all established and New Social Casinos will have them running. These virtual currencies hold real value, and you can exchange them for prizes. 

To put it simply, you use lucky coins as an entry ticket, and you get sweeps coins as rewards – rewards that can transform into real money or other prizes. 

How To Play Without Buying Coins?

You can play without buying coins at all social casinos. In a bid to bring more players, these new social casino sites offer free coins to get players to try out the games. Remember, however, that these coins are gold coins – not meant for claiming rewards but for playing games. Sometimes, you get them as welcome bonuses and, most times, as daily login rewards. 

How To Get Free Sweeps Coins?

You need to put in the work to get free sweeps coins, New Social Casinos wont just give them away… well, not all the time. Unlike gold coins, which you can get by simply logging in daily or registering on the site for the first time, winning sweeps coins require you to participate in games and win in tournaments. 

So, to get free sweeps coins, you use the free gold coins to participate in tournaments and win. 

Best New Sweepstakes & Social Casinos

Now that you know about some of the inner mechanics of how New Social Casinos and most sweepstakes and social casinos work, let us get into the best you can play right now. These games pack in awesome perks and have awesome gameplay, accompanied by a beautiful ambience and a soundtrack that will make you feel like you are sitting inside Atlantic City – but without paying real money to enter. – Play a Wide Range of Slot Games at This US-Based Casino

You go to to experience gameplay on a time-tested platform, its not just any New Social Casinos. with a wide selection of games and bonus perks to boot. While you won’t find a welcome bonus, the tournament-based perks are awesome enough not to make you miss them. You will get 250 million Gold Coins and free 25000 sweeps coins if you enter a raffle. If that’s not enough for you, a more thrilling 50 million Gold coin race is being organized every 24 hours. Climb past other racers and get instant rewards. 

Rewards are only worth it if you have games that pack a punch – and at, games do pack a punch. Jump to slots to try out classics like Sweet Bonanza, Dork Unit, Sugar Rush, and others. Want something more skill-based? Experience Video poker, Baccarat, Blackjack, and other table games. From originals that give you a simple game with large rewards to live games that are here only to give you a fresh experience of sitting across the table in Atlantic City, has gone the extra mile regarding game offerings.

And you don’t have to enjoy this feeling alone. With chat, you can engage in conversations with other players. Talk to them, ask them how they are, hype them up and get hyped to engage with more games. 


  • Stylish casino with time-tested experience
  • Offers slots, card games, table games, and more
  • Lucrative tournament-based perks
  • Live dealer games are available 


Colorful casinos with most styles of games you like playing when you are in the mood for something different – that is how you would describe playing at Sweeptastic. The moment you log in is the moment you can try out most games that are available. No free mode, though – if you want to play, you must offer your email and other details.

But logging in is worth it as doing so will give you your first login bonus, which is 1000 Lucky Coins. Daily logins will offer you this number of coins daily. Want to earn even more tokens? Check out Sweeptastic’s Facebook and Instagram promo links. 

The games available are an interplay between new and old. If you get games like the African Sunset and Aladdin’s Quest on one side, you will get the novel video poker games on the other. These software-based games pack a punch when it comes to graphics. They load quickly, and you can play any game you want frictionlessly. 

Speaking of games, you aren’t limited to slots here. You can check out the Card Games section to play Baccarat, blackjack, blackjack side bets, or Video poker. You can also spin four different versions of roulette. 

Your only gripe would be the number of games available. There are hundreds of slot games but only a handful of card games, table games and roulette. There is also a casual games section available – but it is empty. It might be introduced soon, but for now, just a section with nothing under it doesn’t look good. 


  • Simple to interact with 
  • A large number of slot games are available
  • 1000 Lucky Coins as a daily login bonus
  • Daily tournaments to keep things fresh

WOW Vegas – Get 5000 Coins Just for Joining Up 

Another pick of today is WOW Vegas. With over 350 games, WOW Vegas embraces everything that makes one go wow whenever they enter a Vegas casino. The games aren’t just many; they also have high quality. From colour palettes to payouts, from graphics to sounds, from loading time to software providers – everything on Wow Vegas is top-notch. 

Making this experience even better is the 5000 free coins you get when you register. In terms of games, you get classic slots. While the collection is limited, and the category is even more so, these games are meant to tickle your nostalgic bone while ramping your fun factor to 11. 

Navigating the site is easy enough, but if you get stuck, customer service will be within your reach. Bonus and competitions will keep things fresh for you and with new games every week, you will likely find Wow Vegas to soon be housing all your favorites. 


  • Over 300 games are available 
  • A few table games are available
  • No download necessary to play the game 
  • 5000 WOW coins for signing up

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How to choose new sweeps casinos?

Picking up the right casino isn’t easy. But with the right tips, you can find them in no time. 

Read our reviews

Nothing tells you more about a social casino than unbiased reviews that are fun to read, informational, and give you the whole picture of what to expect. Read our social casino reviews and find the ones that suit your fancy. 

Game selection

What kind of games does the casino offer? Is it only offering slots or something more substantial and whimsical? And if only slots are available, do they feel good to play? Get answers to these queries to pick the right one. 

Offers and free sweeps

If games make you stay and play, bonus perks are what grab your attention. So check out what kind of bonus perks a new social casino site is offering. Do you only get gold coins? If yes, can they get you sweeps coins as well? 

Is an app available?

Its always worth checking out if an operator has an app to download so you can enjoy your favorite slots andwhere while you are out and about.


You got to look at the New Social Casinos that are available. They have awesome games, and to provide a more rewarding experience, they come with multiple bonus perks. But not every social casino is perfect. Some have more games, others focus on bonuses, and some provide a richer experience. Pick the right one that suits you based on our tips, and start playing. 

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The Newest Social Casinos Online FAQ

What is a social casino?

A social casino is a casino platform that offers standard casino games to provide a casino-like experience. Most of them don’t focus on real rewards but on giving players a nostalgic feel through card games, slot games, table games, and more. 

Can you win real money on a social casino app?

Yes, you can, but it will depend on which casino you choose. With Sweeptastic, you get Lucky Coins that you can use to participate in games to win sweeps coins. Sweep coins can be redeemed for real rewards. But with Wow Vegas, you only WOW coins. They cannot be redeemed for cash prizes but instead, be used to play more games. 

Since social casinos only use virtual currencies and not real dollars, the usual laws applying to casinos don’t apply to sweepstakes platforms. So yes, they are legal throughout the US, but only if their main USP provides fun gameplay using free-to-play Gold coins. 

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