Fusion was launched last month as a part of Summer Vibes. Thetan Arena has brought it back with more excitement and better rewards for everyone. Fusion starts on June 07, 2023, and ends on June 14, 2023. Termed the special event, Fusion will see players earn token rewards based on the leaderboard.

The basic task is to stock up as many heroes as possible. Players must leverage the power of gHTC Battle points to fuse their NFT heroes. The delivered heroes will belong to either of the two categories, namely Legendary or Epic. It is vital to have better fusion sessions, for they can come in handy at the time of claiming token rewards. All they have to do is stock up heroes to the best of their capacity. Points will be rewarded after reviewing the position of the player on the leaderboard.

Heroes will instantly go off the pool after the conclusion of the event. Thetan Box will no longer display them; however, interested users can wait for a month to again see them appear in the pool.

The most obvious thing, therefore, is to participate in Fusion and get their hands on heroes.

Thetan Arena has earlier hosted the Check-In Raffle event for several prize allocations. 

Players who checked in to the marketplace every day accumulated tickets for every check-in. A single session represented a single check-in. The higher the number of tickets, the higher the chances of winning a prize. This was to keep the check-in streak alive.

Prizes were transferred to BEP20 Wallet within seven days following the raffle on Discord on May 16, 2023.

Thetan Arena has been credited with being the best mobile game at GAM3 Awards. It is backed by the mechanism of blockchain in association with the Wolffun Game. It features two types of gameplay modes – Free and Paid. The internal economy is driven by the native tokens, which are THC and THG.

Only registered players can immerse themselves in the MOBA experience of Thetan Arena. The platform is user-friendly, with a payment system based on cryptocurrency. Heroes can be purchased in the virtual world with the help of native tokens. More information is available in the Thetan Arena review, which talks about the three categories of heroes, namely Cluster, Raidon, and Breaker.

Increasing the game’s economy is the inclusion of the trophy class, battle royal, bullet storm, and others. The team has made available all the tips and tricks to run across the gameplay.

Fourth Fusion goes live in Thetan Area on June 07, 2023, and concludes on June 14, 2023. Stack up heroes in the special event to gather attractive rewards.

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